World-PEP Testimonial

September 09, 2022

World-PEP Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nebson Zhuwawo, AML Compliance Specialist

What type of solution were you looking for? Was World-PEP the right fit for you?

Nebson Zhuwawo: We were looking for a solution that could screen both domestically and internationally. So World-PEP was the right solution for us because of its ability to provide domestic screening in the African environment as well as screening in the global environment. So, yes, World-PEP was the right fit for us.

Why did you choose World-PEP?

Nebson Zhuwawo: We chose World-PEP because of its ability to solve multiple AML issues in one solution. It has a screening solution in it, it has customer onboarding solution, and it has a transaction monitoring solution as well So the ability of World-PEP to solve multiple AML issues meant that it is a robust system, which was really appealing to us. That's why we chose World-PEP.

What is unique about World-PEP?

Nebson Zhuwawo: What makes World-PEP unique is its ability to significantly reduce AML screening cost. As you may know, AML screening solutions can be quite expensive, so World-PEP's ability to provide world-class screening at a reduced cost truly makes it unique.

How would you describe your experience with World-PEP so far?

Nebson Zhuwawo: I must say we have no regrets for choosing World-PEP. In fact, choosing World-PEP was one of the best decisions we've made in our compliance program, so we love the solution and we'll continue using it.

Would you recommend World-PEP to other institutions?

Nebson Zhuwawo: Definitely yes. We'll absolutely recommend World-PEP to any institution that's looking for an affordable screening solution that can get the job done.

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