John Recommends Western Outdoor and Design

March 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: John, on Red Cedar Place

How was your experience working with us, and would you recommend us to your neighbors?

John: Hi, I'm john and I'm showing off my new pergola and deck by Western pavers. They did a fantastic job. As you can see, I got the aluminum uh, instead of the wood, they did a great job with the, with the, the beveling and the spacing and then the deck, um, imitation wood, which is going to last a lifetime, which looks great as well. They also laid the foundation for the hot tub. Um, All together. It's just a fantastic piece of craftsmanship. Um, I'm really happy with the service. Um Also importantly because there's such professionals, um, I didn't have to be here all the time um, therefore, person was more than capable to handle everything on his own. And if anything did come up, he would just give me a call. So, having the peace of mind of dealing with a professional company like Western pavers and knowing that they would do and did do such a great job. Um it's not only beautiful, but it's really increased the value of my home. So thank you very much. Five stars, highly recommended.

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