Daniel Marashlian for Cloudflare Video Testimonials

January 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Daniel Marashlian

Daniel Marashlian: I'm Daniel Marashlian I'm the CTO at DRATA.

Daniel Marashlian: Yeah. I've been a longtime Cloudflare customer. The network that you guys have built for global security, DDoS protection, SSL certs and you get all of that sometimes for free. But even on like the lower tier plans any startup could use at a very inexpensive cost, as you grow, we've actually grown into an enterprise customer using the enterprise tier and all the features around that. I always like to call it the Bat Phone that we can call and stop any DDoS attacks. But then also the Teams product where we can have, you know, kind of inside proxy where we actually have zero exposed ports on our whole system. So yeah, Cloudflare helps power all of that.

Daniel Marashlian: yeah. Cloudflare has benefited us just hugely from. I even think like it's so funny, just the ease of the SSL management. It's just so seamless and just, you know, less time worrying about network and the top top level security of having that WAF and just flipping the switch and having, you know, hundreds and hundreds of controls covered so we can get back to focusing on what we do in the product and helping our customers.

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