Bendigo On Radio Control Car Club Testimonial Video

June 27, 2022

Dean Smith, President of the Bendigo On-Road Radio Control Car Club talks TidyHQ ?

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dean Smith, President, Bendigo On Road Radio Control Car Club

Who is your organisation and why do you use TidyHQ?

Dean Smith: Hi there. My name is Dean. I'm the President of the Bendigo Radio Control Car Club. We race these guys, every second Sunday of the month and we have a group of around about 70 odd members and we set up TidyHQ, probably around about a couple of years ago to control all the membership base and make sure that we had a list and a way of sending out events to people. In addition to that, we also ran our committee meetings directly through TidyHQ. But at that point, we still had separate mechanisms for running all of our documents on Google Drive. We had our website that was done separately. We have a separate web store, separate email, and it was really, really hard to control. Although separately it ended up being you get one person that knew how to do things that were IT savvy, that ended up doing a whole lot from the committee perspective. So what we did after that is we actually looked at all the capabilities of TidyHQ. And then we looked at starting to migrate across that website and that email domain across the TidyHQ directly and then incorporated everything into tidy HQ, so that made it a hell of a lot easier for us to run the club. What we did is we essentially got all of our committee members to input stuff into their separate Web pages. They were just accessible to the committee, and we ran a handbook directly out of that so that all of the people could start looking at ways to control all the information that was relevant to the role that they had. So they, the Club Secretary started adding pages in there around about how to control the covid stuff. When that was an issue, the treasurer was able to start putting information about our tap'n'go system and all this sort of thing. So what it meant is that all of our committee started to be able to utilise and leverage all the information that we had in TidyHQ directly to run. The club didn't fall down to one person that was technically savvy. So the reliance on the dependence on somebody that is skilled in IT was removed. It meant that we could actually have a club that was run efficiently and effectively across all different people in our committee, and it's just been a godsend for us to do that. We're really grateful for the way that TidyHQ has been able to incorporate that into our systems. It's made it a lot easier and, a lot less time dependent on us as a community to run the club, and we're really super grateful for what we've been able to get out of it. If you haven't looked at it, I suggest you do too. The cost associated with the membership for TidyHQ is nothing compared to the time that you'll get back as a committee. If you have to run a club, we highly recommend it. Thanks, bye.

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