5 Examples of What to Say in a Testimonial Video (and a Simple Tool That Makes It Easy)

We give you real examples of what to say in a testimonial video and show you how to use our platform, Vocal Video, to make it easy to record a testimonial video.

Many brands ask their best customers, “Can you give us a testimonial?” and leave it all to the customer to figure out what to say. That makes it hard on you.

At Vocal Video, we understand that.

So we created a simple tool where brands can send customers a link that asks them a few simple questions, and you, the customer, record your honest answers on your phone or computer. We take care of the rest. It’s fast and easy for you and gives the brand a really professional and powerful testimonial video, like this:

In this article, we’ll show you four more testimonial video examples recorded using Vocal Video to give you some ideas for what to say when you record your own. We’ll also briefly show you how Vocal Video makes it easy to record and collect high-quality testimonial videos.

Note: If you’ve been asked to give a customer testimonial and would love to record it using Vocal Video, send the company a link to this blog page, have them check out our homepage for more information, or ask them to sign up for a free Vocal Video account.

As a (presumably) satisfied customer, you know that customer testimonial videos are a powerful and effective way for brands to attract new customers.

Being asked the right questions makes it much easier to provide an effective testimonial, so you can start by asking the brand to send you three or four well-formulated questions, or send them a link to our article to help them do that:

You Don’t Need 25 Questions for Your Next Customer Video Testimonial.

Vocal Video’s effortless testimonial video recording and collection process helps brands formulate great questions that make it easier for interviewees to respond confidently and guide them to provide powerful testimonial videos tailored to their target audience.

For some direct inspiration for you in the meantime, though, here are four more examples of great video testimonials recorded by customers using Vocal Video to give you some guidance on what to say, and how to say it:

#1: EQ Homes: Real People Record a Quick Testimonial Video Focused on Specifics

The couple featured in this quality video testimonial give a really authentic review of Canadian home building contractor EQ Homes.

The interviewees focus on the specific features of their new home that they like best to highlight the quality of construction: “We love our EQ Home… if we had to pick something it would be the open concept on the first floor and the quality of our hardwood floors.”

They also say exactly how the homebuilding service helped them and how supported they felt throughout the various stages of designing and building their new home: “We were so well greeted at the very start when we were at the sales center, the customer service with the design crew and the construction crew have also been amazing.”

Details like this, from real people, work as solid social proof of brand quality and have a similar effect as word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family.

The video is super short and dynamic, which makes it easy to engage prospective customers even if they have a short attention span.

The questions they are asked also help the couple get very specific about why they are satisfied customers. They say, for example, that they love the quality of their hardwood floors.

#2: Femtastic Fertility: A Relatable Interviewee Communicates Her Enthusiasm for an Online Course

This customer of an online fertility and hormonal charting course does a great job of communicating her enthusiasm for the subject of the course and what she has got out of it by saying:

I’m kind of obsessed with it now. One of the things I now love doing is testing my knowledge on it.” She later adds details about how she has changed as a result of the course, “Having the mind-body connection that I didn’t have before is so exciting. It’s also pretty interesting. It’s really changed the way I view my body.”

Focusing on what has changed in your life after using the product or service you are reviewing really helps prospective customers to engage with you and the product. It also gives them a glimpse of how their own lives can be improved by the brand you are providing a video testimonial for.

This video is quite a lot longer than the previous one, but the interviewee’s open and authentic manner really manages to build trust, and she is so engaging and thoughtful that it’s easy for potential customers to feel an emotional connection with her, and watch right to the end.

#3: Wonolo: Employee Adds Color and Character to His Testimonial Video Using Anecdotes

Staffing solutions company Wonolo sent out a Vocal Video link for this employee to record a  testimonial video as a way of attracting future recruits. The customer uses personal information and anecdotes to great effect:

“Lots of things brought me to Wonolo, but probably the most formative was serving as a math teacher and an administrator at a public middle school… In that job, I enjoyed partnering closely with students and families as we worked towards common goals.”

Giving some of this personal information makes the interviewee very relatable and is a way to build trust with the target audience, before getting into the specific benefits of a product, service, or in this case, an employer.

This video also showcases how great testimonial video questions can elicit great anecdotes from interviewees. One example is: When you have to make a difficult decision, what do you lean on? This question leads the interviewee to give personal details and full answers that reveal some of his character, personality and personal values.

#4: Linkbuilder: Quick and Effective Answers Focused on How the Customer Has Benefited

The interviewee in this video is the co-founder of a content marketing company. In this short, but highly-effective testimonial video for Linkbuilder to accompany a written case study, he tells us what his agency was doing before encountering the brand:

“Before working with them, we weren’t a very SEO-focused agency and we didn’t have any link building efforts at all… one of our past clients introduced us and we’ve been working with them for over two years now.”

By providing details of how long the professional relationship has lasted, the customer provides social proof of how effective the service has proven to be.

His answers are perfectly tailored for the target audience of Linkbuilder’s potential customers who are other content marketing agencies:

“Their agency makes it extremely easy for us to offer link building to our clients and the quality of the links is always amazing. They make it super easy for us to build links for our clients and we’ve seen amazing results across every client, in every industry.” By saying this, he demonstrates that prospective customers can also use the service in the same way.

The interviewee grabs viewer attention by focusing on the specific benefits that the brand has given his own company, noting how long they have been working together, what he likes about how Linkbuilder works, and how responsive and smart they are.

Vocal Video: Record High-Quality Customer Testimonial Videos from the Comfort of Your Home

When a business owner or marketer sends you a Vocal Video link to record a testimonial video, all you have to do is click on it to be taken to the company’s branded landing page hosted on the Vocal Video platform.

To make a great customer testimonial video, you simply read each question that the brand has set, press record, and answer each of the questions in turn. You can use your own device (smartphone, tablet, or computer), and you don’t have to download any software to do it, or watch tons of explainer videos to learn how it’s done.

Just click record, answer the questions, and click ‘stop’ to finish recording. It’s as simple as that.

Note how all of the testimonial video examples we showed you above already include:

  • Slides with interviewee questions
  • Text overlays to include names and job titles
  • Background music
  • Animated transitions
  • Captions
  • And more...

So, not only does Vocal Video make it easy for customers to record effective testimonial videos and guide them through the recording process, it also does the hard work for brands by automatically editing and styling testimonial videos into engaging and professional-looking video content that prospective customers will want to watch.

Vocal Video makes it easy for everyone involved to create great video testimonials without hiring a video production company, needing to worry about post-production, or having a big budget. Brands can easily share online reviews, testimonial videos, customer reviews, and other types of video on all their social media and other marketing channels.

Note: If you’ve been asked to give a customer testimonial and would love to record it using Vocal Video, send the company a link to this blog page, have them check out our homepage for more information, or ask them to sign up for a free Vocal Video account.

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