Product Testimonials: How to Increase Conversions with Video (+ 6 Examples)

See our guide to product testimonials along with six examples of static and video testimonials for inspiration.

Product testimonials give your prospective customers social proof that what you sell has benefited users who are just like them. They are a powerful way of proving that your products are as great as you say they are and attracting new customers.

However, most people associate product testimonials with written testimonials but written testimonials and other static formats are so commonly used in online stores, and so easy to fake, that customers may no longer believe them enough to make a purchase.

Written testimonials aren’t the only option for product testimonials. There are also video testimonials, like those you can put together using Vocal Video, that show an actual person talking directly to potential customers on video about why your product is great and how it has helped them. These types of testimonials build more trust with customers who can immediately make an emotional connection with the real person speaking, and video is seen as much more compelling, genuine, and believable.

We built Vocal Video as a reliable, affordable, and straightforward way for online retailers and business owners to collect high-quality video-based product testimonials from customers. Using our process, you can ask customers to submit a product testimonial in video format in just a few minutes.

In this article, we’ll cover:

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What Are Product Testimonials?

Simply put, product testimonials are reviews provided by buyers in which they can share their positive opinions about a certain product. They are different from more general customer testimonials in that they are focused on a specific product.

eCommerce stores often post written testimonials below each product they sell so potential customers can check what people found good and bad about the product after they received it.

More general testimonials, such as customer stories and other success stories posted on a testimonial page, tend to focus on a brand or service. Typically brands will only promote the best testimonials they have collected from happy customers. Product testimonials, especially those posted on product pages, tend to be provided by a wider range of customers including those who are not as satisfied with the product. This makes potential customers feel secure about the honesty of the customer reviews that have been posted, as it’s unlikely that 100% of customers will be happy with any product.

Potential customers often rely on the opinions of previous buyers to make their product purchasing decisions, so online reviews that focus on specific features of the product and provide detailed information about pros and cons are the most useful to prospective customers. A raft of great product testimonials is likely to improve your conversion rates and overall sales but it’s also not a great idea to remove all negative product/service testimonials from your eCommerce store.

6 Great Product and Customer Testimonial Examples

Below we’ve listed six great testimonials from a range of different companies selling a variety of products, to inspire you to create some of your own.

We’ve split the list into two categories:

  • Static Product Testimonials (Written and Quote Testimonials)
  • Video Product Testimonials (Produced Using Vocal Video)

Read our in-depth guide to see more client testimonial examples used in websites.

Static Product Testimonials

1. Proactiv: Before and After Images Highlight Effectiveness of Skin Care Products

The product testimonials that Proactiv uses on its landing page are effective because alongside a quote testimonial about how well the product has worked for that customer, they show before and after pictures and of their faces and their results from using the skin care regime recommended by the brand.

Proactiv Client Testimonial Reviews and Photos

2. Cladwell: Quote Testimonials Coupled with Photos

Online clothing company Cladwell — which focuses on selling ‘capsule wardrobes’ — has used aspirational customer photos alongside quote testimonials to great effect, making this a great testimonial example to be inspired by.

Cladwell written testimonials with a photo of the real person and their name
Image source

3. Four Sigmatic: Influencer Testimonials for a Mushroom Coffee Brand

Four Sigmatic, a consumer-facing mushroom coffee brand, presents simple quotes on their homepage from influencers in the health and wellness space. These influencers include a New York Times bestselling author and an art director.

Four Sigmatic Testimonials on homepage

Video Product Testimonials

The three video testimonials shown below were all produced asynchronously by product users using Vocal Video. Note how each video includes the following elements, which were automatically added by Vocal Video:

  • The brands and colors of the company being reviewed.
  • Text slides for each question the reviewer was asked.
  • Text overlays for names and roles.
  • Animated transitions between responses.
  • Background music.

4. Majka: Video Testimonial of Supplement for Postpartum Hair Loss

5. Activ: Video Used in a Digital Marketing Case Study Testimonial

6. Career Village: Video Testimonial for Career Advice Service

How Video-Based Product Testimonials Get More Conversions

At Vocal Video, we’ve observed the effectiveness of video versus static testimonials on landing page and website conversion rates first-hand. When we added a montage of video testimonials to our signup page, we saw website visitor signups increase 200% more than when we had only a static customer quote.

When we compared YouTube and Facebook ads that use video testimonials to those that used static images and quotes, videos collected using Vocal Video see 3X better performance than static images.

These anecdotes were borne out when we did a much broader survey of 456 marketing professionals. These marketing professionals experienced returns on investment (ROI) of 50-500% from testimonial videos, along with considerable increases in website signups and sales conversions. In fact, 88% of marketing teams saw over a 10% increase in website signups and sales conversions when they used testimonial videos, and almost 50% experienced an increase of over 25%.

Testimonial videos significantly increase conversion: 88% of marketing teams see a 10+% lift compared to campaigns without testimonial video, and nearly half see a 25+% lift.

Why Most Business Owners Rule Out Video Testimonials

The main reason most business owners and marketers don’t use videos for product testimonials is that traditionally they’ve been complex and expensive to produce. This rules out the possibility of including them on product pages, particularly for small businesses. Although another option is to produce your own videos in-house capturing video using an iPhone, for example, the results can end up being of such poor quality that the resulting video is not fit for use.

Vocal Video was designed specifically for this issue. We built it so that anyone, with or without video production and editing experience, can record professional-looking video testimonials. Customers record video testimonials asynchronously in a matter of minutes by answering a few questions you ask them about your product. You don’t need to arrange a mutually convenient time for a video shoot or video call, they just press record at a convenient time for them. Because the process is so easy, your customers are much more likely to actually record a good testimonial about your product.

You can also use video testimonials in conjunction with written testimonials, for example: Ask customers who have provided written reviews to also give you a video testimonial. This way you can highlight the best reviews on your product pages, and leave any negative reviews on the product as written testimonials, which gives them less impact.

How Vocal Video Solves the Traditional Challenges of Shooting Video Testimonials

As we said, Vocal Video was specifically made to make the process of recording and collecting product video testimonials easy for everyone — both marketers and users — while still providing professional-quality video results.

You can easily record and edit effective testimonial videos whenever you want and then embed those videos anywhere — whether that’s on product pages, landing pages, your homepage, across your online store, or on your social media channels.

Here’s how our recording and collection process works:

Customers Who Purchase the Product Record a Video Testimonial Asynchronously

You simply create a video collector for each product you want a video testimonial for.

We have Video Testimonial Templates for Customers & Clients, Employees, Experts & Influencers, Partners & Investors, Education, Events, Medical, and Nonprofits:

Video Testimonial Templates: Get the video testimonial questions, templates, and example emails you need to collect professional videos from customers, employees, and experts.

Click here to see a range of templates for different use cases to make this process completely hassle-free.

This is an easy-to-build interface that guides your customers through recording a video using the camera and mic on their own device (smartphone, tablet, or computer). They don’t need to download any new software or sign up for a service to start recording. They just click on a link you send them and click to start recording their product testimonial.

Vocal Video Collectors Look Great on Any Device: Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Desktop

For each video testimonial, you can ask customers three to five questions. After the customer records their answer, they can review and opt to record again if they aren’t happy with the way it turned out. Once they’ve recorded answers to each question and they are happy with the results, they submit their video testimonial. You then receive their completed video testimonial within just a few minutes. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and is very straightforward for users to follow.

Your Video Testimonial is Automatically Edited (But You Can Easily Edit it Yourself, Too)

Vocal Video automatically edits all the video testimonials you collect to save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. These edits include:

  • Your logo, colors, and branding.
  • Your user’s name, title, and company in a text overlay.
  • Text slides of the questions you asked.
  • Background music (which you can change or remove).
  • A call-to-action.
  • A computer transcription of the audio with automatic captions. (You can remove captions if you prefer to display your video without them, however, these are great for readability and SEO.)

Once a video arrives in your inbox, they already look and sound great, so you don’t need to do any editing yourself (unless you want to). All the videos you receive can be immediately used on your website, product pages, and across your online marketing materials using Vocal Video’s automatically generated embed codes and share links.

If you’d like to make any updates to your video, you can do so using Vocal Video’s simple suite of video editing tools. Our editing interface allows you to:

  • Trim scenes and answers to questions using a drag and drop tool.
  • Alter the order of each scene in the video.
  • Change logos, colors, branding, and background music.
  • Modulate the volume of music throughout the video testimonial.
  • Replace and edit text overlays and text slides.
  • Create highlight reels by stitching several customer endorsements together.
  • And more…
Anh Nguyen Video Testimonial Example with Vocal Video's Editing Tools

The entire suite of editing tools has been designed for anybody to use, even if they have no previous experience with editing videos.

Trim Video Scene: Trim your video scene by editing the start and stop points of this video clip.

For more information on how to use Vocal Video’s editing tools, see our article: Testimonial Video Editing Made Easy.

Vocal Video: Record and Embed Video Testimonials Easily and Inexpensively

Vocal Video makes collecting, recording, editing, and sharing video product testimonials easy and affordable.

Video testimonials are proven to be a dynamic and engaging way of providing detailed information to your prospective customers. By using our software, you can build trustworthiness and social proof for your eCommerce site and attract more potential customers to buy your products.

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