How This Marketing Agency Offers Video Testimonials to Clients and Creates Compelling Company Culture Videos

Anna Stallmann Communications is a marketing agency that offers public relations, creative design, and digital marketing services to clients. With Vocal Video, they are able to provide testimonial services to their clients and use the platform to create company culture videos, creating a window into the cast of all-star employees at the agency for prospective clients and employees to share on their website and social media.

Read on to see how Katie Timmerman uses Vocal Video to shine the spotlight on employees and recruit more clients.

Speaker: Katie Timmerman, Vice President, Director of Operations, Anna Stallmann Communications

Katie Timmerman: Vocal Video is so easy to use. It's an incredible tool to harness the power of individual storytelling in an authentic and genuine way.

Video testimonials hold a lot of power from just one speaker. Vocal Video amplifies a single person’s voice as a spokesperson for an entire organization.

How does Anna Stallmann Communications use testimonial videos?

Katie Timmerman: Anna Stallmann Communications uses testimonial videos in two primary ways. The first way we use Vocal Video is within our own company.

We are particularly interested in using testimonial videos to highlight the incredible company culture that we are building here.

There’s no better way to highlight company culture than to hear from the mouths of our very own employees.

The second way that we are utilizing testimonial videos through Vocal Video is offering this as an add-on to our marketing clients. We have clients from a variety of industries with unique communication needs. Each of them have their own budget constraints. Vocal Video has been a fantastic way for us to offer the ability for them to collect quality testimonial videos.

Learn more about how your agency can offer video testimonial services to your clients in this overview of the Vocal Video Agency Plan.

How is Anna Stallmann Communications using Vocal Video?

Katie Timmerman: We primarily use Vocal Video to highlight our incredible company culture. We are a small but mighty team of powerhouse women.

We just think that the most powerful way to share our internal culture is to speak it from our own mouths.

Vocal Video has provided a really accessible format for us to do that.

How would you describe Vocal Video?

Katie Timmerman: I would describe Vocal Video as accessible and affordable.

It's accessible because it's so easy to use, even if you’re a beginner at navigating technology. Vocal Video makes it easy to tap into the power of technology, letting our team reach people and organizations anywhere.

Economic accessibility is a big factor, as well as affordability - we can use Vocal Video whether a client has a small budget or a very large budget.

Vocal Video gives you the opportunity to capture the power of storytelling through video testimonials.

Check out this company culture video created by employees at Anna Stallmann Communications:

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