Transgenerational Healing Testimonial Videos

January 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vivek Harbhajanka

How was your experience of Transgenenrational Healing?

It's difficult to describe the experience. You have to experience it to understand the depth and the impact of it. I mean, it will be an injustice to the process. If I just say that it's an amazing process or a wonderful process. If you're really looking to heal yourself, then you must experience it. There's no other way to describe it actually. It's very in the moment workshop, very hands on and very involved. Just a great experience. I mean, if at all I have to say it.

What are the major takeaways for you from this workshop?

Again takeaways, I mean, there are a lot of them, I was not sure about the process. So the biggest takeaway is that I got the understanding of the whole process. Second was how important it is to connect with your ancestors with your roots, with your place of birth or your land from where Your ancestors came. It's I mean, that was the biggest one of the biggest revelations Third probably is that they're a huge source of energy, which I was not 100% aware of. It was at the back of my mind. But after attending the workshop, I really understood the impact and the power and the source behind it. The whole the whole energy system behind it Fourth is how important it is to heal yourself and them through the process. Because the flow of energy only happens when they are healed, and since they're not here anymore, it's important to acknowledge their presence by being in such workshops or by being here and restore the flow of energy and love. So there. I mean, I can go on and on. There's so many takeaways going on. These are the major ones

What 3 words come to your mind to describe the healing process?


extremely important

extremely important I don't know how to describe it godly or magical or mystical, one of these three, whatever you can relate to.

How would you describe the program facilitators (Usha)?

So Usha is a complete, no nonsense woman. She knows her subject extremely well. She does her job very well, very, very intuitive very disciplined with respect to her work. And, how do I say, she gets the job done We I mean, she's a godsend. We need more, more and more souls like Usha here to do this work to spread the message.

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