Brian Parker for Customer Testimonial Videos

April 27, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brian Parker, Owner, Ezeewebs LLC

Could you describe a time that TOP PAGE RANKERS, Inc helped you?

Brian Parker: Hey, my name is brian and I am one easy Webs LLC. He found out Top Rankers to her friend and they helped me set up my website and they also helped me set up our Crm, which is our customer data management too. And uh I felt that they were, I mean very excellent, very precise to the point and excellent customer service.

How would you describe TOP PAGE RANKERS, Inc in three words?

Brian Parker: Mhm I would say there uh efficient, they're professional and there very, very on point.

Why is TOP PAGE RANKERS, Inc different from other similar products or services?

Brian Parker: I mean you get to find customers every other day who are companies every other day. We're trying to get your business to a phone call or email. But uh these guys, I mean they stand out with the quality of service they provide the amount of knowledge they have about the services. And uh I mean overall uh it's just that, I mean they're they're very good at what they said, I mean they know what they're doing in the end of the day and that's what makes them very, very different from all the other companies in a positive way.

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