Amanda Crose for The She Said Project Video Testimonials

February 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amanda Crose

Please wish That's What She Said a Happy 10th Anniversary - ten years of women supporting women through the power of live storytelling!

Amanda Crose: Happy anniversary, That's What She Said! Thank you for your dedication to encouraging and supporting women to share their stories and to making our world a better place.

How you would you describe the She Said Experience?

Amanda Crose: That's What She Said is a unique experience. There's no agenda. So we gather in these large theaters to hear the stories of women that we know and love or that are complete strangers and each one of us gets to make a connection to the stories we hear. That's raw and personal. We're not being told what to take away. But deep with inside of us, we're finding that human connection, whether the woman on stage is sharing an experience that we've had ourselves or that is completely unrelated to our life's experiences, it's what unites us, that human connection, that relatability, that knowing that we're all in this world together. That's the She Said experience.

Complete the following statement: "I believe in the power of women's stories because..."

Amanda Crose: I believe in the power of women's stories, because every time I hear one it serves as a reminder that we're not alone. That together, there's something real that connects us and inspires us and helps us move forward to making a better place for those that will come behind us.

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