Madison S. for Client Stories

October 19, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Madison S.

Introduce yourself, & share some of the reasons you enjoyed working with me & The Jill Smith Team when it came to your real estate needs.

Madison S.: Hi, my name's Madison and I had the pleasure of working with Christina over at the joe smith team through compass and Christina. Made our experience really awesome and super seamless. The rental we had picked out. She allowed us to see it ASAP and we had the papers signed within the next few days. She informed us throughout the whole entire process and made us feel very comfortable. And we're very lucky to have worked with Christina.

Why did you choose to work with me over other real estate agents?

Madison S.: Yeah, I chose to work with Christina because she had a really great reputation and a really good network. Um, She was a reference from one of my good friends and we just knew that she would really take great care of us and she did so that's why we picked Christina.

What was the biggest problem I helped you overcome?

Madison S.: The biggest problem that Christina helped us overcome was this was our first, our first rental in the area. We were a little hesitant of potentially the neighborhood or just not being well informed, but she made sure she did her research. She had all the facts of the neighborhood memorized and she made us feel really comfortable with our decision. So all in all, um, we didn't have any challenges or obstacles after we had really genuine conversation with Christina and we're so happy that we chose the apartment that we did. It was the first one we looked at and we knew exactly this is the area of the apartment that we wanted to and we're still living there today and we have been really enjoying it.

Did I exceed your expectations? How?

Madison S.: Mhm. Christina exceeded our expectations, specifically within our time frame. We really wanted to get an apartment quickly. We knew which area we wanted, and we wanted to move fast. And Christina was super flexible with her scheduling and made sure we saw it as quick as possible, and we were able to be one of the more competitive candidates, and we ended up getting the apartment so we really appreciate how flexible and available Christina was especially showing it to us over the weekend in such a short term, such a short notice.

Would you recommend me and The Jill Smith Team and why?

Madison S.: I would recommend Christina in the Jill Smith Team because they're organized professional, timely and efficient. Christina is also just a super sweet and passionate person. She really cares about her clients and it's not always about what's most um efficient or best for her, but she will show her clients as many houses and rentals and properties as they need to in order to get the house that they are really, that they're really wanting and to match their vision. And that's why I would pick Christina specifically at the Jill Smith Team.

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