Ryan for One Water

March 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ryan, Neighbor on Deer Canyon Pl

How was your experience working with us? Would you recommend us to your friends and neighbors?

Ryan: I, I just wanted to talk about one water and my experience um with their filtration system, um we have had it for, Gosh, I think we're going on 15 years and we probably haven't been more happy about any product at our home. Um it has just been uh an incredible thing that we've had for over a decade. Um Our water is softer. Um I drink right out of the fountain. I don't even use bottled water. I have it in years. Um We drink right out of the tap. Um We absolutely love it and you don't see a lot of companies that are around that long and really, you know, back their product the way that one water does and we are just huge believers in the system. We did get the whole, the whole, like the whole whole house system and again, we love it and um you know, specific shout out to Kevin. He's always taken very good care of us and we just really, we love the product. So um yeah, I recommend it to my neighbors, my friends, family, anybody that sees this, I, I can't give them a high enough recommendation Thank you want water. We appreciate you guys and the water you supply to my family. Thanks.

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