Brad Solar Tech Testimonial

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Your Neighbor Brad, on Indian Mills Lane

How was your experience working with us, and would you recommend us to your neighbors?

Your Neighbor Brad: My name is brad Hickson. I wanna just take a quick minute or two here to provide a a good testimonial here for solar tech on a job. Well done. I'm gonna switch the camera around here so we can see it looks like I can't switch it around. So anyway, I'll just show you install the double battery pack for me using some awesome neo Volta batteries just recently. So here you can see the batteries themselves here in the utility cabinet area outside my house. There's one of the batteries right there, the big one And here's the other. So I got 24 circuits. 2nd cover, there's the other one right there coming on out that's all installed behind this nice enclosure. Anyway, they did a great job and very happy. This is my second set of Nia Volta batteries that they've installed as well as a solar system on the house. I installed one a couple of years back on my old house and then moved here and did the same thing here using solar tech. So, they do a great job. That's all I got to say. Thank you very much.

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