Jesse Testimonial

August 23, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jesse Thorpe, LPN, Swift Shift

Jesse Thorpe: Hi, my name is Jesse Thorpe, I'm an LPN for SwiftShift in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Jesse Thorpe: So what stands out to me about the culture at SwiftShift, besides the pay and benefits, is that they're always trying to flip new stones and seeing what works and what doesn't. They take a lot of the input from the nursing team since we're the ones that are out there using the platform and they use all that input to see what works, what doesn't, and how can they always make the platform better.

Jesse Thorpe: So I found my way to my current role a SwiftShift through Indeed, and what I really liked about it was that I was able to see a direct case that was not only close to me, but also kind of fit my needs for what I like to do in home health. So that was great to know that once I was on board that I already had work lined up, so that was super awesome.

Jesse Thorpe: So a few of my favorite things about SwiftShift is that they really prioritize the patient care. We don't really have any kind of lingering timeframes for charting. So the patients get that quality attention from the nurses they need, and I think that's really beneficial for them to have that one on one time.

Jesse Thorpe: So the thing I'm looking forward to most as SwiftShift continues to grow is that as the company grows, I think the whole team will grow with it and I'm excited to kind of see what comes with that. I don't think there's going to be any kind of gaps that are created as SwiftShift continues to evolve, because we all collectively work together to make this platform work, to make it more efficient and to make it the easiest platform to use for charting anywhere that I've ever seen in nursing.

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