Assaf Shalvi Introduction

April 20, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Assaf Shalvi, CEO & Co-Founder

Please introduce yourself and tell us where you are working from.

Assaf Shalvi: Hi, my name is Assaf Shalvi. I'm CEO and Co-Founder of Swift Shift. Started Swift Shift here in New York at the end of 2016.

What is your role at Swift Shift?

Assaf Shalvi: I'm the CEO of Swift Shift, which means that I need to make sure that the company is aligned, that everybody is growing in the same direction. I'm also responsible for managing the company's relationship with the Investors and the Board of Directors to make sure that we are continuing to get the support of the board and to make sure that we're operating within the law and government's requirements. I am also responsible, with the executive team, formulating our business strategy and making sure that the company's resources are deployed to execute on the strategy. And lead also the updating and changing of this strategy. Looking at data including nurse feedback, customer feedback, market conditions, and every few months update the strategy of the company and put us in the right direction for success.

What gets you excited about being a part of this team?

Assaf Shalvi: So what excites me the most –– first of all our team, I think we have a great team in place with the right kind of experience, the right kind of track record, a good alignment between the people that run the team on vision and mission and what kind of company platform. We want to build a great team on the ground that the agency at the agency's nurses that are dedicated that are, you know, connected to what we're trying to do. And that's that's super exciting for me when I join team meetings, company meetings that look around the room and I see a team that can definitely make it. The second thing that makes me excited is our results. We had a spectacular first quarter where we managed to grow our pennsylvania agency significantly improve the profitability there. Open a new service line and make new patients to that service line. Sign up contracts with new payers Turning around the business in Florida from loss to profitability and growth team day by 30, maybe even 40 grow the Private Duty Nursing business there and the Skilled Nursing Visit there. So a lot to be excited about.

What part of the mission do you align with most?

Assaf Shalvi: What part of the mission do I line with most. For me it's always about making the life of Nurses and caregivers better. There is a real challenge today for people to make ends meet to find work that allows them to still enjoy life and have the flexibility and the ability to spend time with their kids but also feel that they're doing something meaningful and make a good living. It's not easy. Over the last few years Capital concentrated at the hands of a small number of people. You know that the gap between the rich and the poor is growing and I think home care brings an opportunity here because there is a lot of need locally for people to come and help seekers, the most vulnerable people in society But it's hard, it's hard to find work. It's hard to get into the work. It's irregular work, it's low pay, there's no benefits, no flexibility, very hard to keep a job. So this is where I think we can make a big difference in waiting to meet the first nurses and caregivers that can say no, we joined Swift Shift as an unskilled Home Health Aide. And within, you know, X number of years We are Nurses, we're RNs, maybe we earn more. We have a completely different career trajectory for ourselves. And this type of change has a lot of impact. Not only the people that you help go through that change but also their children, their families, the people in their environment that benefit from the fact that they have more money to spend. They have more control over their time and they are are less stressed. They can save, they can buy a home, you can have assets, they can have a pension. These things make a big difference in people's lives, and as you can see, I'm very excited about it.

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