Dipish Rai for Customer Testimonials Part-2

August 11, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Mr.Dipish Rai, Co-Founder @TermGrid

What was the effort involved in your SOC 2 prep?

Mr.Dipish Rai: In terms of our effort on SOC2 I would say that, you know, we first met the Sprinto team, I would say 17 April. you know, we were we decided to kick off Sprinto after having done 3-4 months of research, and we knew that this worked immediately. so we kicked off with Sprinto, May 4th based on the promise that, you know, there would be, fully managed and they would deliver results. And I'm pleased to say, like, you know, May 4th, when we kicked it off by middle of july, we had our, you know, SOC2 type one. So the total number of days for, from our perspective that it took before we were ready to be audited, where I would say 5 to 6 days of, you know, meetings with, with Sprinto. And when I say meetings, it was probably an hour of a meeting that day. So, you know, probably less than 10 hours of meeting time with the Sprinto team to get up and ready. and on the back end, like, you know, the things that we had to fix based on, based on our own system requirements, we probably would have spent, maybe another week, week and a half. So I think based on the market, which says it takes 10 weeks, 12 weeks of preparation time and readiness time, you know, we were able to get up and running in less than a week, so that was great.

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