Apoorva Verma, Cofounder of Rattle

July 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Apoorva Verma

How was your overall experience with Sprinto?

Apoorva Verma: So yes, overall experience with Sprinto has been pretty amazing. I think from the time when we started at that point actually didn't have much idea about what to expect from SOC2 when it seemed like such a complicated process. But when we started our engagement at that point, uh, you know, Team Sprinto had broken everything from bigger chunks to smaller digestible parts and milestones. So we knew that, okay, this is the first milestone which we have to cover and then we move on to the next one. So, you know, that process, that streamlined process made our lives so much simpler. And even when we were, we had completed the whole SOC2 uh, you know, uh, process from our side, they were very hands on and they made sure that, you know, they were always on top of communication with auditors and everything. So I think we were able to get our SOC2 compliance and I cannot thank Sprinto enough for helping us out here.

What's the best thing about Sprinto that makes it stand out?

Apoorva Verma: Um, the best thing about Sprinto, I think the best thing about Sprinto has to be the customer support, which you get from, uh, the team, I think when we started at that point, Kartik was the one who, you know, actively walked us through and told us that, okay, this is what it entails, what the process is going to look like and this is what's something that you have to cover earlier. So that was very streamlined. We knew what we had to accomplish before we could formally start the process and afterwards when Niladri took over, I think even then, the process was super structured. So going into the process, we knew exactly what milestones will be supposed to, you know, hit before we could be, we could become SOC2 compliance ready. So I think overall, uh, the kind of hand holding which you get from the team and the kind of support that you get from the team. That is pretty amazing. And yeah, I think that's definitely one of the best things about working with Sprinto

What was the effort involved in your SOC 2 prep?

Apoorva Verma: um, the team was really dedicated. Uh, I'm very committed when it came to our SOC2 preparation and it seemed much more like a partnership versus like hey, they are ten things that you're supposed to do and please manage it by yourself. So I think that's, that's definitely there. And apart from that, I think the process again, uh, was very, very structured to start with. The first thing, which they did was compile a list of checks that, okay, these are the mandatory things which you have to cover so as to get SOC2 compliance. Right? So that list was readily shared with us. In fact that is a list which they already have on their platform. Right? So that was there. And then this next step when it comes to, you know, all the checks is how do you even enable it? So again, team was super responsive. We knew all the steps that okay, this is how we enable each of these things. So that's the second part. But the third part, which is I think very critical is, you know, how do you even fix if in case you're failing at any of these checks. And in my experience, what I found was the team knew the technical know how of like there was not out case, which we ran into when the team didn't know like this, you know how to fix this check. So I think even the technical acumen was exemplary. So, um, yeah, in terms of compiling a list of checks, telling us how to enable it and then helping us fix it. Uh, everything was managed by, you know, by the team. So that is one and I think for SOC 2 compliance, the next part which comes when you are compliance ready is you have to find out the auditor. And even in that step, the team helped us a lot and they, you know, they had a few tie ups with a couple of auditors and we had a list of options available and it was up to us to pick from one of the uh the auditors. And I think it saved us a lot of time because if I had to do that research by myself, it would have taken me at least quite a few days if not weeks to identify the best auditor for our SOC2 compliance. So yes, I think uh we've saved a lot of time because uh we had all the information that we needed, we had it readily available.

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