Lenard Marcus SPHERE Series B Feedback

November 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Congratulate SPHERE on their Series B Funding announcement!

Lenard Marcus: I'd love to congratulate Rita and the entire team at SPHERE. Edison is really excited to be joining the board joining you on this journey. We view identity management as really the beginning of a lot of these issues within cyber and the fact that SPHERE and Rita have built a great brand and have a strong presence at so many top financial and healthcare entities, makes us really aware of the market opportunity. We really looked at this at this company and partnership as an opportunity to really attack cyber security and some of the challenges at the beginning. If you think of what SPHERE does with identity hygiene and managing access and ensuring that only the right people have access to the right data. Often times that's where it begins. We're seen, we've seen in recent years that so many of these incidents are actually inside incidents or a combination of inside and malicious hackers, hackers who get access to data that they should never have access to. We really feel like Rita's built a great team and we're really happy to join the ForgePoint team who've already been investors and an adjoining Edison series B this shows their commitment to the growth and acceleration of this organization and really see our dollars being put to work in sales and marketing, building a brand expanding from several large customers with almost no turn historically, to thousands of global customers, both enterprise and mid market and so we think Rita Rita and team are ready to really embark on this journey and step on the gas and we at Edison really look forward to joining her.

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