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August 05, 2021

Video Transcript

What were your concerns when planning your home improvement?

During lockdown kind of found that there just wasn't enough room in the house. With me in one room wife in another room, kids in another room, But the noise levels were still quite But the noise levels were still quite a lot. We decided that maybe it is time to move. And then we kind of sat down and went for a few things. And the kids said, well, that won't do the loft now, bizarrely, it wasn't something that we actually full about. Um, And then when we did think about it and the kids kind of went away, he said that this is why we should do the loft. This is this is how we want. It is actually a no brainer. So fair play to the youngsters. They came up the idea and kind of put it to us. Really hammered home coming this get the loft done. So when we started researching, lofts came across from horror storys. One man bands that were doing things, nightmares. They never turned up on the quality of work substandard, and it was a really, really concerned in time for us about spending that amount of money and hoping that we're going to get the right people to do the job. Then we came across ShapeHouse and the truth is, from the minute we spoke to them, I just decided this is the people that I wanted to the loft. I love they're professional and explain how how their processes works. I found it really streamlined for me that those kind of things were really important because I could see and understand how the build is going to go. We found that working with him was very smooth process from the beginning of the plan in the organisation how it would work the time spans really fooled me. Confidence. We're going to get a really good job done. The loft in the end took under six weeks. We read a lot about the quality of work, even though the room was meant to be for our son. We ended up hijacking it and we went in there ourselves. Yes, we did that the brokes and deals with him. I think you better. He came from a better do anyway. I'm 100% recommend ShapeHouse really enjoyed working with him as a company. All the workers are pleasant, enjoyable when they came around your house. You wanted to look after it and we found that they that's exactly what they did. And we're really happy and and overjoyed, ready that we we got value for money. And they did. They delivered what they promised they would 100% recommend ShapeHouse that any friends or family. As a matter of fact, we have done already, and we believe they're going to go ahead and get their loft done. So really, really happy with professionalism and communication from ShapeHouse. That was clear from the beginning, right city, and we're very happy with the result on the outcome.

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