Vijayender's Self-Mastery Project 1 Testimonial

March 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vijayender

How has Self-Mastery Project I Helped you?

The things that really helped me after the self mastery program, there's been tremendous changes in me where my family members, my kids, my pets have seen a lot of change where the interaction is completely different, the way I am seeing things and even they observed that there is a tremendous change and I sort of glow in my face. So they keep asking me... I keep getting these questions of where does your energy come from? I mean, let me tell you, this is all the self mastery I've been doing. So this has kind of.. the way you talk, the way you put things and the way you're seeing it, your perspective of talking and projecting things have completely changed. And this credit definitely, I would say goes to the self mastery, that I've been doing.

How was your experience of the yoga component and its benefits for you?

I've been doing yoga and I've been in this journey of trying to explore with a lot of questions on especially yoga. I started off doing isha yoga and then I did with a couple of yoga trainers. But the kind of yoga, that I've experienced in self mastery is something else which has truly benefited me from my health perspective, a lot of changes I see in my body, in my thought process and especially the mind work, that I've been doing through these yoga sessions. So this is something else which they teach us here and this is an experience which I have not seen before.

How would you describe the program facilitators?

Usha.. What can I say about Usha? I mean, as the name says, it is Usha (bringer of the dawn) has been a support system for me and she's someone who's come straight who shows up for you and you get all your answers. So I'm kind of a person who always

So Usha has been a tremendous help for me in trying to understand and analyze the thought processes of what I usually go through and get complete perspective of how to look upon and how to approach more towards from a life's perspective. And my guruji, as I say, my yoga guru, Kamala absolutely phenomenal person she is. And I should say a blessed soul who has got absolute 100% knowledge on what she's trying to teach. So it is definitely a combination where I would say like a theory and practical where, Usha has been my support system in telling the theory perspective. And Kamala from a yoga training perspective, coming in from a practical perspective. So when you have a theory and practical experience, it's something else where you really experience the whole process more effectively.

Would you recommend Self-Mastery Project 1 to your friends and loved ones?

I would highly recommend self mastery for all my friends, people who are actually looking towards trying to understand a lot of things, where there are a lot of questions which you might have and especially from a relationships point of view

You can definitely look upon a course like this where it will really help you in trying to see things from a better perspective.

If you're in a space where you're really feeling helpless or trying to get some solutions for these sort of things. I would say self mastery is the program. So apart from that also,

This is the space where you have that option to explore within you and try to understand the meaning of what really you're looking at. And as I said, this is absolutely something to do with yourself and it's about doing some inner work. So if you're really prepared for it, this is the place I would say. And this is the Sacred Path which you should be looking into.

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