Urvashi - Self-Mastery Project II Testimonial

February 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Urvashi

How was your Self-Mastery Project II Experience?

Urvashi: Hi I'm Urvashi, I'm from Hyderabad After SMP 1 & 2 The techniques and processes that I learned have helped me navigate through life. The hurdles and the challenges that I face in my everyday life, I'm able to process them harmoniously and in a healthy way.

Urvashi: After SMP1, I realized the only way for me was inside out. The more I looked at the unheard and unhealed, unacknowledged parts in me, my outside got better.

Urvashi: Every session with Anuradha was very impactful on me. It gave me a lot of learning and understanding about myself.

Urvashi: The processes that we learned.. the techniques that we learned in these courses... We were first asked to use it on one another, and only when we were confident and Anuradha had an understanding that we we're doing justice to the process of the technique, we were allowed to practice on others.

Urvashi: I would 2000% recommend SMP2 because you go more in depth than SMP1 to learn to look and heal yourself.

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