Steph Walch - Customer Testimonial Video

July 11, 2021

Warm and cosy, boiler, heating, hive, statisfaction

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie Walch

Could you describe a time that Rawlinson Plumbing and Heating helped you?

Stephanie Walch: Hi. So I'd just like to give a review for Russell at Rawlinson Plumbing and Heating. So I've had previous experience with Russell in that he installed my hive in the house, so when I came down a month / month and a half ago and it was freezing. and I had no heating at all! He attended within probably about an hour, diagnosed the problem, went straight to the plumbing merchants, got the part, fitted it and the heating was back up and running! He did say to me at that point that there potentially were another two parts that could go, but as it was back up and running at that point, he was going to leave it, which I was more than happy with. He gave me the invoice, and I paid it straight away. Unfortunately, the next day, it did stop working. So I phoned Russell again. It was a sunday... it was a Saturday as well... phoned him. he came over, replaced the second part, which he didn't charge me for, and thankfully, touch wood, it has been working ever since! No problems and I am more than happy with the service. The efficiency and the parts that were done and the pricing. I know that if I need anything else from Russell, I could just give him a call and he'd be there at the end of the phone. So thank you very much. It's a thumbs up from us!

How would you describe Rawlinson Plumbing and Heating in three words?

Stephanie Walch: Honest, helpful, reliable.

What would you say to someone considering using Rawlinson Plumbing and Heating?

Stephanie Walch: Do it, You won't regret it! I know it's a scary world, unless you're in that trade, you don't know who to trust who's going to do the best job for you... But honestly, they gave me peace of mind. They wasn't expensive and they're always there if you need a quick, call or a quick text just to make sure that everything's okay.

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