Celeste Wykes for Customer Testimonial Videos

October 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Celeste Wykes

Please introduce yourself and explain a time that QBaby helped you?

Celeste Wykes: My name is celeste. I am now a 25 year old mother. To one beautiful baby girl who is going to be 14 months very soon. Um Natasha actually first found me when she when my baby was first born, she was born seven weeks prem and she kind of followed along and then sent me a little um gift basket package. Um and it was amazing and I still use the Teeth Ease. Today highly recommend. She's so funny, she's so easygoing. So like just just what's the word? Such a kind human being to have sent me there in the first place. But like I said I went on to buy three more of those TeethEase products because they worked like a charm and their natural and that's what I love, I love that her products are natural and they work so definitely definitely highly recommend.

What product did you purchase to help with that and how did it help?

Celeste Wykes: This is definitely my favorite product that I got. I love them all, especially the Q. Derma. Um It does have a unique smell, I will say that but it does freaking work and that's the important part and it's natural. But this here is the Q baby teeth ease gel. It's free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors and harmful sugars. And this little bad boy here, I got three of these and they last quite a while as well. You just put a little dot on there, rub it on their gums and it honestly works so fast. It's crazy but absolutely loved it.

Please describe why you love Qbaby.

Celeste Wykes: I love this product. I have tried um other gels from the supermarket. Other powders. Um And she just doesn't like the powders that there is for sure. And I don't like the gels that you can get from the supermarket because I know that they've got chemicals and stuff in them, right? And so for me, this here has been a lifesaver and I live in a caravan full time and I travel around and the last thing I need is to have a crying baby while I'm on my own. And this here 100% works. Um It's easy, like you can put it in like nappy bags, you can take it and carry it around with you. Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy. But she hates the consistency of the powders. Um And this here she's happy with and it's so quick. I love I love I love I love

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