Pulse Q&A • November 11, 2019

Better CX Medley

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Video Transcript

Speakers: Mike Kail, CTO, Everest.org. Lee Vorthman, CSO Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle. Yousuf Khan

How are you leading the charge to creating a better customer experience?

Yousuf Khan: I've been leading the charge by speaking to more customers for one thing. I think that's one of the most critical pieces where people forget, especially among CIOs. And I think taking the time to be able to reach out to customers and partners and to be able to understand what their experiences have been is a critical part of leading that charge to changing the experience. I think the second piece is making sure that you establish the partnerships internally to the company, which will affect how you can improve the customer experience. In my case, it would basically be anyone from the CMO to the president of the company, as well as basically everyone in customer success and being able to understand what's working, what isn't working, and how that can be improved.

Lee Vorthman: And certainly the CIO is well positioned to do that. Really, the way that we are approaching the customer experience is we want to just not look in the silos of our products, but we want to look across all of the products and make sure that the customer experience is seamless. But really also not just focusing on building the cool features, I think typically companies get into this reciprocal feedback loop where they look at what the customers want, and we're gonna go build those features, and create those features and push them out. And then, we will rinse and repeat. I mean really what I think we need to do is step outside that a little bit and look not just at the features and the products that we're building, but really what's the type of psychological experience and what's the vision for the product. How do we want the customers to feel? How do we want them to interact? What type of psychology should we be looking at for what customers are going to do with our products? And really, I think once we do that and strive to do that with the products and not focus on the technology as much, we will really begin to win not just the screens, but also the hearts and minds of the customers, and that's really what we're striving to do within my group.

Mike Kail: The simple way to start enhancing the customer experience is drinking your own champagne of whatever your offering is and using it internally and tracking that feedback and really understanding how customers engage with whatever product or software service you're delivering. And then also kind of leading from the front, going out and spending time with your external customers, as well as the internal teams testing. So you really have a good cross section analysis of what's working and what's not working.

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