Thomas Hilgardner recommends Prestige Notaries Inc

February 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Thomas Hilgardner, Nationwide Fund Recovery LLC

What was the main challenge you needed to overcome when you first hired Prestige Notaries?

Thomas Hilgardner: Hi, my name is Thomas Hillgardner. I'm an owner of a small business where notary services are needed on a weekly, and daily basis. When I first started my business, I was manually going to different websites, logging in to locate individual notaries in certain area codes, zip codes, I would call them individually so that I could personally introduce myself as well as get a sense of who they were and the professional manner and tone and representation as even though notaries do not work for me, they're a direct representation of my company in one way or the other. And so when I send the notary out to meet with one of my clients to have them sign paperwork, it's very important to me that they show up with a kind of professionalism that represents my business. And so at the beginning of my business, I started to reach out and kind of interview notaries manually. I did this because of how important it is, where client, I didn't want clients to be concerned if someone showed up kind of more rather routine thinking that this is just another signing, but really understood the level of care that that we wanted our clients to feel when a notary met with them. I reached out on a normal standard call and I ended up contacting Jennifer by looking up individual notaries. Jennifer Garland who is the owner of Prestige, shared with me that they actually helped companies like mine, to take over their notary orderingd and handle all the backend process. I told her first, I said I'm, you know, no offense, but I'm a bit of a micromanager on this particular component of my business because um, it's just really, really important that I have the peace of mind that you know, it's not just a notary that's picked in a queue, but there's a level of quality of individual that's being sent to my jobs. So she's, she asked if I could send her over one job, let them do it. And if if they did well send over another job and if so send over another job. And so we kind of got started in that way. I thought, yeah, you know, she sounded very professional. She sounded very, very caring and and very responsive to my needs. And so I thought I'd give them a chance. And man am I glad that I did. And that's one of the reasons that I am giving this referral in this testimonial to Prestige Notaries because my business has been able to scale. I've been able to take the time that I was making those phone calls to interview those notaries to ensure that they met both my price point as well as my professional demeanor. I'm able to take all the time that I was spending doing that and focus it on other components in my business that I can now scale and reach more clients. Prestige offers a dashboard where all the documents that have been signed or scanned so I can go back from a year or two years, all of my open or closed orders and I can review download those in case I need to, you know, pull them back from historical purposes and the team, the internal team that works at Prestige Notaries. They, You can really tell that they have a heart for small business, small business owners like myself where they want to build relationship, they want to go the extra mile. Um, it sometimes seems like they're working 24/7. I've had emails very late into the night on the weekends and the weekdays, um, that have just, you know, wanted to confirm to make sure everything's on the same page or if something comes up, they wanted to get to me as quickly as possible. The time responsiveness, the professionalism, the price, everything has been by far far exceeding my hopes or expectations. I could not recommend them more, uh, than anything for, for your business. Thank you so much. I hope this was helpful

Why do you continue working with Prestige Notaries?

Thomas Hilgardner: I continue to work with Prestige Notaries because of the efficiency that it allows me to focus on all the projects that I want as a business owner to scale and grow my company. Um, They, they've continued to be over the top on communication um, in their communication, there is a level of care, a level of relationship building that I deeply respect. Um, and when something is concerning, if there's a client that gets cold feet at the table, um, or if there's something that doesn't make sense, they are, the communication is spot on. Um I couldn't really ask for anything else, any higher expectation in terms of why I continue to work with Prestige and what it offers me to continue to grow my business.

What has been the most significant impact of working with Prestige Notaries?

Thomas Hilgardner: I would say that the most significant impact of working with Prestige Notaries for me has been their ability to think outside of the box. Um, There have been times where I have needed somebody locally to go down to the courthouse and pull specific information, um, that is not online, that is only in person. there's been times where, um, I've needed sort of on the spot assistance with clients where they've contacted me if they had questions. but that that would be the thing that I think is most significant with working with prestige is their communication, their ability to think ahead and to look out for me and my needs and to treat my clients the way that I would want them to be treated.

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