Melissa L. Meeker for The Future of Water

July 06, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Melissa L. Meeker, CEO, The Water Tower

What comes to mind when you think or hear about the term "One Water"?

Melissa L. Meeker: To me, the most exciting thing about one water, when you hear that term is that it actually means we're thinking about individual things holistically. As an industry. We've always been so siloed and to think about projects and how we address community resiliency. Looking at all things water at one time is just so exciting and gives us such great opportunity to address the greater issues that our communities face.

What’s one of the most interesting changes you’ve observed in the industry recently?

Melissa L. Meeker: I think some of the most interesting changes that we've seen in the water industry is really the way we've approached data for history, utilities have been very data rich and knowledge poor from that. And the industry has really gotten behind that and developed um predictive analytics and other smart technologies that can really help us harness that data learn from that data and improve operations based on that data. when you look at digital twins and other ARVR that we can use in our training to attract the workforce to keep a workforce and to do our jobs better faster, smarter. It's just so exciting and it's been a great change that we've seen over the industry and we'll continue to see in the industry.

What do you expect our industry to look like in the next 5 years? A

Melissa L. Meeker: one of my biggest passions in the water industry is around workforce and the diversification of that workforce and Getting out and attracting next Gen to participate in and experience the great careers that are in water. I think that's where we're going to see a big shift in the next five years. There are so many fantastic initiatives around the country focused on outreach to our communities to drive people into the industry, and that's going to help us better reflect the communities that we serve. It's also going to bring in this next gen, which is so excited about sustainability issues and climate aware and want to do the right thing and serve a greater good, that's where we're going in the next five years.

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