Lila Behr, Application for a Cohort Scholarship!

March 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lila Behr, Founder & Partnerships, Gaia Gives

Tell us about you and a little about your company company. Name, title, name of your company, and what your company does.

Lila Behr: the word needs our help right now. But when was the last time that you felt that you could really make a difference? Technology was meant to create a sense of unity to bring us closer to each other. Yet a lot of people in my generation and probably you too feel anxious and discouraged about the state of our world right now. Too much bad news. Too many things happen in climate change on the edge of our existence. This is why we've developed Gaia gifts, an online fundraising platform that is based on the Blockchain that connects transparency measures like smart contracts and storytelling techniques to create a new era of philanthropy and make it more transparent in the long term, My name is Leila. I was born and raised in the middle of the jungle of Costa rica and my purpose is to create the tools to really reach the SDG and connect a world that is resilient, sustainable and regenerated. For all. It would be an honor and a pleasure to learn and co create with the same network. And it would be really amazing to get the scholarship. Thank you so much

Why did you decide to apply to the Capital Readiness Cohort?

Lila Behr: So I decided to apply for the scholarship and for this program because we're right now in the middle of raising our first investment round, we've reached out to several organizations and we are, um, networking a lot in the field. The Platform itself has been developed already by 75%. We've been bootstrapping ourselves until now and are at the moment where we're really looking for experience, support and great network that can help us during this process, not just with the technological skills and experience, but also with the knowledge about venture capital and the precede investment rounds. So that's why I would really love to collaborate and learn more from you.

How would a scholarship to the cohort support your venture and its goals?

Lila Behr: So first of all, I want to say that I really love the community from saying it's it's just so diverse and so inclusive and it's a multicultural space where people with different perspectives, backgrounds and culture get to learn from each other. So that's why I think it's a perfect fit for us because we're a platform that is globally focused. We're working with global nonprofits all around the world and I think that we could leverage our knowledge in tech in um, strategic partnerships in venture capital connections, um, to really increase the impact of the nonprofits that we're supporting in the long term. And secondly, as I'm going to a social entrepreneurship school right now, I see the importance of having experienced mentors by your side that can really take you by your hand. And I think that's where we would really love to have your support to help us guide through those Rocky but yet beautiful process.

What do you hope to take away from the cohort?

Lila Behr: So every time I joined a cohort a working group or some sort of course, I set an intention and intention for myself that can guide me through the process. And also really direct my focus and energy. And I would be really, really excited to join this cohort, just to learn from others, to learn about myself, to get in touch with venture capitalists every week, to learn the best practices, to improve my speaking skills and to improve the way I present myself so that in the future we can even leverage and catalyze the impact with Gaia gives. And lastly, my dream really is to do a podcast and to showcase the solutions and the positive news around the world, because there are so many people that are doing great things. And I think I would love to really leverage the network and the opportunities with saying to make that dream come reality.

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