Principal Consultant - A Mobican Story

March 03, 2022

Neil Binns, a Principal Consultant shares his story about working with Mobica

Video Transcript

Speaker: Neil Binns, Principal Consultant, Mobica

Please introduce yourself

Neil Binns: Hello. I'm Neil Binns. I am a Principal Consultant at Mobica Been here quite a while now. 2007 I joined for 14 years.

What does your job involve?

Neil Binns: So I have quite a varied role from time to time really. Sometimes I'm working in technical presales, so putting together solutions to customers' problems in order to win projects. Other times I might be capturing software requirements so we can develop and test software against them. Other times I could be working as a solutions architect, sometimes the developer. So over the years, a role has been very varied.

What is the favourite part of your role and the team at Mobica?

Neil Binns: So, there are a couple of things are particularly like about morale working Mobica The first thing is that over the years I've worked on a lot of different technologies and application domains. So, from embedded software, mobile phone applications, clouds, computing, even machine learning. So it's been very, very interesting. And I think in particular, I think the thing I enjoy most is solving tricky problems. I think gives, you know, gives you a good, you know, job satisfaction, I suppose.

What do you think clients would say about Mobica?

Neil Binns: I think that one of the things that stands out most about what our customers think about it is that we engage constructively and find out what the customer is trying to achieve, and suggest alternatives. So, you know, sometimes we challenge them and say, Do you really want to do it like this? Or how about maybe like this? And so that can be very valuable to them and they can end up with a a solution that is enhanced and maybe our customers didn't truly understand their original requirements entirely. So, I think that's where we can bring a lot of value as a partner to our customers.

Any advice for people applying to work for Mobica?

Neil Binns: One of the things that differentiates Mobica from some companies is that we're a services based company. and so during your time here, you can work on a number of different projects for a number of different customers. And so there's quite a lot of variety that's, you know, that's one of the things that yeah, it really appeals to me. And that can be very different from working for a product based company where you could be working on the same project or product for many years. And, you know, for me and some other people that can be a bit dull, really, because things can get a bit stale.

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