Leap in! Presents: Accessing the NDIS webinar

March 08, 2023

Join our Learning & Development Specialist, Dee in our Accessing the NDIS webinar. Learn tips, tricks and gain valuable insights to help guide you through the process.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Dee, Learning & Development Specialist, Leap in!

Can you please tell us a little about you?

Dee: Hello everyone. My name is Dee. I'm the Learning and Development Specialist at Leap in! What that means is that it's my role to help our team understand really complex things in simple and understood ways. So that's what I do every day. And I also do that now for Leap in! Presents. So I try and reach out to our community and break down some fairly complicated concepts. I'm also I'm a mum of two autistic children and I'm navigating this space as well. So I've got lots of lived experience either trying to understand the NDIS Or trying to help support other parents to understand the NDIS. And that's why I'm doing what I'm doing and I hope that our sessions can help you as well.

What do you cover in the Accessing the NDIS webinar?

Dee: Accessing the NDIS. is our webinar where we break down what the criteria is to access to gain access. We talk to lots of families who tell us that it's really confusing. They don't know if they're eligible, they don't know the information that they need to provide. We have an ebook. It's just been released and this webinar is sitting alongside that so whether you want to use our ebook or come along to the webinar we will go through the criteria which includes age... So there's there's different approaches depending on how old the person is who's applying. We talk about the residency requirements and then the disability requirements because again there's a misconception that every disability is eligible but the NDIS does have criteria around what supported disabilities are that gain access to the NDIS. So I go through all of those pages on the NDIS. I reference our ebook which is a fantastic resource for you to have a look and you can look at that right now and that's completely free for you. Once we go through that criteria I explain how you can apply. There's different ways to apply, what the timeframe is going to look like, when you're going to be hearing back and what the next step is. Sometimes that accessing part is a bit of a bumpy journey. We talk to people all the time. Sometimes they haven't provided the right information or the information is old. So we go through all of that and hopefully make it simple to understand in really clear terms.

Who is the webinar for?

Dee: This webinar is for anyone that is wondering if they are eligible or wanting help to access the NDIS. So it's for mums, it's for dads, it's for people with disability. It's for anyone that's supporting someone with a disability. So you could be a provider that happens to support a lot of people or supporting families. Maybe someone in that family has recently had a disability diagnosed and they want to know if they're eligible. So really this webinar is for anyone to come along. So even if you're gathering information for someone, you know.

When is it on and how do I register?

Dee: Wanting to register to our Leap in! Presents webinar? We're running these sessions regularly. So please check the Leap in! website for details. You'll find the Leap in! Presents page under the resources menu. I look forward to seeing you there.

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