Meet our Verse Teachers: Leslie Schaffer

June 27, 2022

Leslie Schaffer - Land of Verse Community Tarot Program

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leslie Schaffer

Tell us a little about yourself!

Leslie Schaffer: Hello, My name is Leslie Schaffer. I'm a tarot reader, teacher and deck collector. Just a few of my decks right there, not the whole collection, And I am a proud 3rd generation San Franciscan.

What are you teaching at Verse?

Leslie Schaffer: I'm teaching a class about the origins of the tarot, and I could not be more excited to teach this class. We're going to look at the true story of where tarot came from and how society and culture influenced the making of the cards, influenced card meetings and then how those card meetings have evolved over time as our society has evolved.

What excites you about the classes you're teaching?

Leslie Schaffer: I'm a Stone Cold History and tarot nerd. So teaching this class is such a pleasure for me. I really love sharing my love of these topics with other readers, with other people who are interested in the same things. I think it's really important when we use a tool to understand where it came from, to understand the context around it. I think it's important, not just with our tools that we use for divination for magic, it's also important with the clothes that we wear and the art that hangs on our walls and the words that we use. It's important to know where these things came from, what meaning they had, what meaning they have now. Um it makes us better readers. I think when we're informed about these things, I also like telling some of the untold stories about tarot. I think it's important to know about the women who have contributed to this art form. Um Pamela Colman Smith, for example, who is finally getting her due after creating the most popular deck out there. So I'm I'm really excited to share some of the lesser known stories too, of tarot history

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