Brian P Thomas for Springville/Mapleton Chamber of Commerce sponsored by Kasby Real Estate

October 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brian P Thomas, Mortgage Consultant, NEXA Mortgage, LLC

What do you do?

Brian P Thomas: Hi everyone. My name is brian thomas. I am a mortgage consultant with necks, a mortgage, um, which is the nation's largest brokerage, actually, a number of loan officers, so we cover the whole entire nation. But um, happy to be where I'm at. I love it here in Mapleton.

Why Springville or Mapleton?

Brian P Thomas: Why Springville or Mapleton? Well, I moved to Springville um after my first divorce, um only divorce um from Heber about 10 years ago. Um And then my my wife and I when we got married, we bought this place in Mapleton, and so we just loved it here ever since. And so I just love this area, love the people and love to be here.

Why did you join the Chamber and how has it benefitted you?

Brian P Thomas: So I joined the chamber to Better Network. I've joined, I've been to a lot of groups and networking groups, and I just wanted to be somewhere where I could find local businesses and local people to to network with. Um I'm also starting a local podcast, and so I figured I'd better be um a member of the chamber chamber too, um to get to know local businesses so that I can interview them a little bit and and kind of get familiar with with the the business business owners in the area, so looking forward to getting to know everyone that way.

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