JPAR Maryland Living Agents quick snippets

September 12, 2022

Agents talk about why they chose JPAR Maryland Living

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jen Nielsen. Joe Bickley. Carrie Rice Johnson . Mike Noonan. Kelly Hoffman. Yolanda Carter. LA Benn

Joe Bickley: My name is, joe, bickley been an agent two years, been with JPAR Maryland Living one year. Uh, absolutely amazed at the support that I get from Greg and Joe and the staff. Um anytime I've got a need or a question, they are not only quick to answer, but happy to answer. They've taken a time with me to show me a path forward.

Jen Nielsen: Hello, My name is Jen Neilson and I'm with the NDG Home team. we've been with JPAR about four months now and it has been phenomenal. Greg and Joe have been so super supportive and have answered our questions right away and show a true interest in our team and helping us grow not just as a team but also individually so that our team is more successful.

LA Benn: Hey folks, my name is LA Been, I'm a real estate agent with JPAR Maryland Living. I've been a real estate agent with JPAR Maryland Living almost since the start. One of the reasons I joined is because of its awesome leadership team. Greg, Joe, Sonia, Greg Fisk the broker, He's just a stand up guy, honest, dependable, trustworthy. He also just wants the best for everyone,

Carrie Rice Johnson : answer any questions and I feel like it's more of a family, it's more family oriented, it feels like a family like I don't feel like I'm just in some form of corporation that I'm just the number and I like that.

Mike Noonan: of the best of all worlds um and the the feeling that you belong somewhere and can get help in, you know what other whatever aspect um you're needing help for uh in your real estate career is really what um I like about that place um financially

Kelly Hoffman: Hello, this is kelly Hoffman from the N. D. G. Home team and I just wanted to share with you a little bit about why I decided to move to J Poor, I moved to shape or I guess at the beginning of this year and um, I am super happy with my decision.

Yolanda Carter: living. I chose JPAR Maryland Living because they truly care about you and your business. They care about the growth of you as a realtor and helping you to be able

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