Taylor Twellman Hip Hook Review

August 06, 2021

Hip Hook Review from Taylor Twellman, former U.S. Men's National Team player and Major League Soccer MVP, ESPN's lead soccer analyst. He recovered from hernias, groin pain, hip pain and a torn labrum.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Taylor Twellman , Soccer Player

Taylor Twellman : Hey, guys. Taylor Twellman here from ESPN Major League Soccer in the U.S. Men's national team. I had two hernias when I was playing a long time ago. I had groin, lower back pain as I got older. And, boy, did the Hip Hook come at the right time. Not only did it get rid of my pain, but more so help me find what my core issue was. And that is the most important thing I could tell you about the Hip Hook for anyone that has any kind of questions, any kind of concerns in any kind of pain around that hip, lower back pain and even in the groin. I'm telling you right now, use the Hip Hook because it will help you find out what's wrong with you. And for most of us, it's gotten rid of the issue.

Did you know you had tight hip flexors before using the Hip Hook? How did you know?

Taylor Twellman : Major League Soccer. I have always had hip flexor problems, tight hip flexors and the Hip Hook is the only tool that I've ever used that could properly assess and ultimately address where that was. So yes, the Hip Hook 100% helped me deal with my tight hip flexors.

Describe how you feel after using the Hip Hook

Taylor Twellman : Ah, Hip Hook was painful, initially. I will admit that eventually that went away. But I think it's very important that all of you understand that I didn't know what my problem was until I used the Hip Hook and that addressed my hip flexors that addressed certain issues and ultimately revealed that I had a completely torn labrum in my hip and needed reconstruction surgery. I would have not found that if I didn't use the Hip Hook. And so, for many of you, you need to find out what your issue is, and more often than not, the Hip Hook is going to get rid of it.

Who could benefit most from using the Hip Hook?

Taylor Twellman : Um, I will tell you right now, anyone that has lower back pain, hip pain, quad pain, hip flexor, paying groin pain, whatever those may be, the Hip Hook works. You've got to be very diligent and understanding what the whole purpose is and the different ways you can use it. But quite honestly, anyone with lower back pain, anyone with hip flexor issues, anyone with groin pain, I'd use the Hip Hook before anything else.

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