Christopher for Play Songs Membership by GuitarZoom

May 06, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christopher

Please tell us about your guitar journey before you discovered Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

Christopher: Hey steve and all the guitars and family out there. Thank you all so much for just being there for us, beginners, intermediates and those just wanted to be a better guitar player. My journey has been wonderful with you guys passed a year and a half. I've been with you. Uh, started out with a, just a simple Squire and just a thought. I've always want to play guitar. A hired a guitar instructor and saw him maybe once a week for a while, about six months. You get me a good start. But then discovered guitar zooms with some Youtube videos and really fell in love with how steve taught lessons, very caring and such. And uh, I bought my first lesson about a year and a half ago and did the guitar, learned to play guitar for life one and then just finished it up yesterday actually. And it's a really good one and learned so much from everyone there.

How would you describe the results you’ve seen in your guitar playing from your Play Songs membership?

Christopher: So how would I describe the results I've seen with the guitar playing from play songs, membership, the membership and the source of the place songs? The listing of what steve provides is wonderful. Um, lots of good songs there. His choice of songs falls right in line with my passion and my love of certain classic rock songs and such, um, that it's much easier to learn the songs from his membership than it is to just search randomly on Youtube or some instructors here. Some instructors there a piecemeal, some songs together not to knock them, but his style really makes it easier to learn. I've already learned about eight songs from the membership alone and currently working on a Zeppelin song right now of his, um, that always had a dream of playing on the Zeppelins and some of my favorite groups.

What was something you didn't expect from your Play Songs membership that really surprised you?

Christopher: Yeah. What was something that I didn't expect from my place Songs membership? That really surprised me. Um, the vast amount of songs really, I didn't know that would be such a large library. I know when I first opened up the membership about over a year ago with place songs, there was a pretty good at substantial mountain. It seems like every time I log in more and more immune added and it's a great variety and nothing surprised me is not just full songs, but steve's got broken down in the guitar resume team by riffs or licks, full song solos. Um, even a whole list of like really quick place songs as well. You can just quickly pick up something. So it's a really comprehensive list. I recommend it several times people.

If you could go back, what would you say to yourself just before signing up for the Play Songs membership?

Christopher: If I could go back, what would I say to myself just before signing up for the Play Songs membership? Oh, that's easy. Just tell myself, just trust it and do it. Don't question. You'll be very satisfied. That's a simple answer. A simple question.

How would you describe the Play Songs Membership to your best friend?

Christopher: I would describe the place songs membership to my best friend. I would say, Dude, you need to do it. If you even have an interest in learning songs, you need to do it. You're gonna find very easy instruction where steve breaks it down, very friendly personality and not threatening and you're gonna learn lots. So, um, you just need to do it trust and get off the Youtube, jump around and the other ones and just get this one you're gonna like it.

Which song has impacted you most and how?

Christopher: what song has impacted me the most and how, um, that's a tough one. The one I first learned and still probably one of my favorites I always go back to was easy to memorize the way steve told it was nutshell by Alison chains. Absolutely love Alison chains and that sound is amazing on that song and I always thought it might be a tough song to learn, even watching the unplugged version from MTV back in the day to say, wow, how jerry control did it? But steve broken down in such a way that I can play that. And that was the most rewarding after I finished that. So like maybe because it was my first one I learned and so we always go back to a lot of times. It's easiest when I memorized now really nutshell buyouts and change really impacted me the most.

How has your playing and confidence improved?

Christopher: How is my playing? And confidence improved? My Gosh, this has been a very fun journey which I started in 2018. It's now being 2021. Um always wanted to play guitar, played saxophone. I was younger. I always had the dream of playing guitar. Always been amazed by those who could play the instrument looks like something is just so daunting for many years. I just said, you know what, I'm gonna pick it up and I did in 2018. But my first years one and still have it, my little red HSS back behind me and confidence, man, I can play confident with others, makes it easier, so learn on the way that guitar zoom and steve has really set it up and made it easy to learn. Um conferences out the roof have no shyness like I did in the first few weeks of pick up the guitar and I feel confident that, you know when I enter new song and it's challenging learning for the first few minutes, You know, it takes time to learn, but I have the confidence to know that I stick with it, I don't get it, and once I have that I typically do, I get it.

Describe the problem or challenges you had before joining Play Songs?

Christopher: describe probably challenge I had before joining place songs. So that's easy. Um, when I wanted to learn a song, um, finding a good tab or tablature are the liner notes that were easy to follow, read and weren't all over the place with my challenge. When I found the place songs membership, uh, it's very easy to follow steve. Uh, and the guitars, um, team has made it easy to print out the tab. Follow it and keep it in a journal of capital many of his songs. So he's made and the team have made on learning the songs much easier to the tablature is written. So that was my biggest challenge was finding a good tablature to follow. We're paying a lot of money for the temperature as such and it's well written. Um, so the ones I playoff play songs membership sounds just like the originals.

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