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May 31, 2022

Video Transcript

Could you describe a time that Comfort Pro LLC helped you?

Hey steve. It's my pleasure to do a review for you man. I can't believe how well you helped me here. So let me just tell you a little story back here is my, my thermostat. And a couple of weeks ago, air conditioners started acting up. It would just shut off for a little while and then, you know, we try to fix the temperature and make it good again. It would, it would wouldn't come on and then a couple of hours later it turned on and you know, I kept doing that for a while and at the time that it was off kept lasting longer and longer. And so we decided to call somebody and have them out of the house and you know, they were gonna tell us what to do to fix it and they had us good and convinced that we were gonna need to replace that equipment on there and I didn't want to do that. So uh we called, we called comfort pros after that and we asked them to come out and give us a second opinion and why wouldn't you know, it was something about the water coming out and it was clogged up and they cleaned it out for me and charged with just a fraction of what that other company wanted us to pay to fix it. And it's been running good ever since. So, you know, I'm real happy with comfort pros. And if I was gonna tell you three words, um, real technical professionals, that's right. They don't just try to sell you something, they're gonna come out and help you. And that's why I like to use comfort. Pros hope this helps you take care.

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