Peter Neale for Video Testimonials

July 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Peter Neale, School Business Manager, The Thomas Adams School

Why did you decide to use soccialy?

Peter Neale: We decided to use socially because they offered innovative solutions to age old problems.

What benefits have you found by using soccialy?

Peter Neale: We've benefited from raised awareness of our job outfits and also greater knowledge nationally of our state boarding school.

What impact has using soccialy had on sign-ups to your event/s?

Peter Neale: Socially has generated a lot of interest in our state boarding school.

What are the advantages of using soccialy over traditional marketing methods?

Peter Neale: We think this is a unique way of reaching people we wouldn't normally find.

Would you recommend soccialy to any other school and why?

Peter Neale: We would recommend socially to other schools because they understand our needs and they've been creative with solutions.

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