Kayla for Instructional Video

October 14, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kayla Geigerman, Customer Advocacy Manager

What is Vocal Video?

Kayla Geigerman: If you're wondering what vocal video is based on the URL that you clicked on, this is the tool that we use to create short and easy videos for things like social media, case study snippets and more.

What equipment do I need to make this work?

Kayla Geigerman: Before you start to wonder if you can actually participate because you don't have a great camera or you don't have any sort of professional equipment. Don't worry. All you need is your webcam or you can do it on your phone. It's super easy. Just click the link and record. We just ask that you're kind of in a quiet area so there's not a lot of background noise and if you can be in a well lit area like say near a window, that would be preferred.

What should I say?

Kayla Geigerman: When it comes to what you should say we will give you a series of prompts and questions to answer. There should be a just a few not too many and really just say exactly what you think the answers to those questions would be based on your own personal experiences. Do not feel the need to fill up the whole five minutes. that you can see in the recording button, It can be as short or, it can be as long as you like. Each video will come with a different recording, so if you only see one question that means that the next question will be later. It's super easy.

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