Eddie/Arlinda McCoy for BVCCOG 2023 Pastor's Appreciation

September 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eddie/Arlinda McCoy

How has Pastor Warren or First Lady Joann Roberts made an impact on you or your family? Any memorable stories?

Eddie/Arlinda McCoy: This is come first, wanna say good afternoon. And uh how we appreciate pastor Warren and sister Joanne. It has been a pleasure serving under their ministry since I was a little girl. And the impact he has made on my life is in teaching me, giving me a foundation in the word of God and instilling in me the importance of the word. And he's a generous person. Also, he's always trying to give me something. He called me. Uh He called me aside one night in, in prayer meeting and asked me to do something. I thought he was gonna send me to do something important. He sent me to his car to get some watermelon to give to me. Thank you, Pastor Warren. Thank you Warren. Pastor Warren and sister, Lady Joanne Marie. Thank you all for all that you have done over the years for us individually as a family and coming by the house knocking on my door like you're the police, but we love you anyway. Thank you pastor. Enjoy this day.

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