Bhavti Sharda's Employee Story

June 07, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bhavti Sharda, AI Solutions Engineer

What do you love about your role?

Bhavti Sharda: Hi, my name is Bhavti and I'm from Pune, so I joined Blueshift recently as an AI Solutions Engineer and I'll be sharing my experience. So one of the distinct things that I remember about my interview process was that because of nervousness. I felt stuck at one particular point and people here, rather than saying that you're failing at your approach, they actually said we are following your approach, let's take from your approach from this perspective. So rather than finding out reasons to reject you, they actually find the reasons to select you and this very difference, this gave me confidence to join Blueshift. So after I joined Blueshift, I was given one status project. So what happens is that your manager, your colleagues with whom you directly work with, they generally help you out so that you understand the various components, but then in my case, not just my manager or my colleagues entire team, like all the members from my team! They helped me to deliver it and helped in such a way that I actually understand what is happening, how it is happening, and why that particular stuff is taking place. So I guess it is a phenomenon to get so much support and the product we are making, the infrastructure we support is amazing like the state of our technology is, one of its kind. So I think one of the best parts about Blueshift is that Blueshift has the platform and Blueshift respects the credibility of each individual and your work will actually make a difference and seeing your work actually going ahead. I guess it's amazing. So yeah, see you!

What are you most proud of?

Bhavti Sharda: So for me, greatness comes with happiness and satisfaction. So I feel that if you're happy and satisfied about something, you are actually proud of it. So in my case, I'm happy with the place I am. I'm actually happy with all those things, like all the new stuff that I'm learning and I'm satisfied with the difference and the impact that I create. See ya.

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