Janna Walsh for Biddy Tarot Certification Program

July 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Janna Walsh

What do you love most about the Biddy Tarot Certification experience?

Janna Walsh: What don't I love about the Biddy certification course? The material and the resources are so helpful and so comprehensive. I particularly love the monthly live chats with Brigit because you can really ask her anything any question at all during those sessions and all the lessons are reinforced by the, by the exercises in the workbook. They're very well thought out. Plus there are huge amounts of bonus materials which are really, really helpful.

Would you recommend this program to others?

Janna Walsh: I absolutely would recommend this certification program to anyone, especially anyone who is interested in reading tarot professionally or even if you're already reading tarot professionally, I think it's a tremendous value. It may seem expensive, but I think you get so much for the, for your money, it's worth every penny. I've learned more in a few months in the certification program than I learned in all the years that I was doing Tarot before all the books and texts I've purchased, I've learned much, much more in just a few months on this program.

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