Diana Deca for BDev Ventures Founder Testimonials

November 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Diana Deca, CEO, neurobotx

Why did you choose to work with BDev Ventures?

Diana Deca: I chose to work with BDev Ventures because I saw value add in them that I have not seen before in other VC funds. and that is the extremely useful part where they do reach out to your potential clients and they also as a founder and as a sales person, helps you understand what your product market fit is. I think early stage for many startups, we tend to narrow down our product market fit and therefore restrict our pool of clients, which can then in turn the effect of valuation. And with BDev Ventures, we found that actually our product is in demand in a in a much wider market than we initially imagined, which then will boost our valuation and also our sales big value out there.

What did the pilot on-boarding process entail?

Diana Deca: So the on-boarding process for BDev was fairly straightforward, I would say we worked with other sales agencies in the past and also when onboarding sales managers, the process is pretty much the same. They need to get access to an email address, a domain and they need to define the type of client that they're supposed to be reaching out to. And then of course forming the templates which were designed together, the follow ups, etcetera. And then from there on, it was a very simple process. that's pretty much it, I don't think it took more than a week, a week and a half. Even if in the beginning, we were maybe a bit confused.

How has BDev Ventures’ lead generation platform (WGP) impacted your business?

Diana Deca: so I would say our business has been impacted already even after two months by using the platform and having BDev do a lot of the B2B sales um, crm for us, we already have by now, I think almost 60 warm leads that are definitely interested in buying our product which B2B SAS model, they can go anywhere from half a million to three million in the 1st 12 months, so that is a big gain and it also helped us approach the rest of our processes in a similar manner, which is very, very efficient, I would say very orderly and in turn on our end we learned how to organize our crm and importantly in our communication with with VCs from now on we are in a much better position to give clear numbers when we're raising our future funding rounds. So very helpful overall and especially of course helpful when having meetings with clients and seeing that they are, you know, potentially from areas where we would normally expect them to want to buy our product. Well surprise, they did. So we got to learn a lot about our business and our product and also how we have to change it of course and we can improve it, and basically improve all of our processes from, from the sales cycle

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