Tim Ferguson for GSK & Save the Children Workshop

June 29, 2021


Video Transcript

Speaker: Tim Ferguson, Co-CEO, Audience

Please provide a short introduction to our workshop particpants?

Tim Ferguson: Hey everyone, it's tim your hey, everyone is tim I'm your co facilitator for the upcoming workshop. Really looking forward to working with GSK and save the Children. I can't think of a better combination. My job will be to make sure that everyone participates. Every opinion is heard. Every question is asked. Everyone gets to have their say and most importantly, that were productive. I know it's a group, I know you know each other well, you really want to have a great day. Misha and I are going to be there to get the most from you.

Please provide our participants an idea of what to expect in the upcoming workshop?

Tim Ferguson: You can expect that we will get right down to business. Our goal is to balance high output in terms of deliverables, that we make sure that we have great ideas at the end, that you really come away feeling we have concrete tangible actions to take after the workshop with the outcome, which is more around feeling great about the future, feeling like a high performing partnership, really feeling uh the ambition that we know that that we can cultivate together. So it's that combination of great outputs, highly productive with great outcomes. Great feelings. That's what we're after.

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