Hue Jackson

January 31, 2023

NFL Coach Hue Jackson shares his ARPneuro Success Story. ARPneuro helped alleviate chronic back pain and a burning sensation that he had from hips to toes. He no longer needed to consider surgery.

Video Transcript

Hue Jackson: Before coming here to see Brian, I was experiencing burning sensation from my hips down my legs, through my toes and I was convinced that I was gonna be headed to surgery. I've had some L4 and L5 problems before. I was recommended to Brian by a good friend of mine named Andrew Lemley out of Cincinnati. When I came here, I was only under the impression that he would do some chiropractic work on my back, maybe try to pop some things back into place and that I would leave. But he introduced me to the ARP wave machine. He was able to put it on me. It is probably the most intense treatment I've ever had on my back and obviously I trust him because Andrew trusts him. And so we went through this process of doing what the ARP wave machine does. He did a great job of explaining to me the different modalities that it takes you through to get to the place of where you're able to walk and feel better. I think the most amazing thing for me is when I came in here I was feeling very unstable with my back, with my legs, with my body. And within 20 minutes of treatment within the first treatment that he did on me, I was able to feel increased strength in my legs. I was able to feel much better from my lower body. The burning sensation had went away. We then continued on with the different modalities that he takes you through and by the time it was over I felt exactly like my normal self. I was sore in the evening, but it wasn't the type of soreness that has kept me where I haven't really been able to sleep for the last 3.5 weeks. I was able to sleep through the night, came back Sunday morning and did another treatment with him and I felt like a million bucks and there's no question. I'm gonna go back to Cincinnati and not concern myself with surgery. I want to find out more about the ARP wave and how I can acquire one and how we at Cincinnati can acquire one that can better help and assist coaches, players and any staff members because I think it's the new new thing in the world that's happening and I think it's unbelievable.

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