Sean Chuma for ARPneuro Patient Testimonial Videos

April 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sean Chuma

Sean Chuma: Hi, my name is Sean Chuma. I'm a professional base jumper. I have over 7800 base jumps at the moment. And I first heard of ARP neuro when they came in, for a demo for the seven X project. Seven X project is a project we're working on. We recently completed where we were going to go to all seven continents in seven days to do a base jump or a skydive a marathon and a cold plunge. So anyways ARP neuro came in and let us try the machines. when I tried it out I was on crutches because I had hurt my ankle the day before, pretty severe sprain and I got to try it out. And in about, 30 minutes, I was able to actually put weight on my ankle and walk around a little bit and I was instantly convinced that it was something I needed to, continue to use.

Describe any improvements in your symptoms since beginning ARPneuro therapy.

Sean Chuma: I was able to use the ARPneuro machine for several months leading up to the 7X project that we were working on and I have problems with my hips and my shoulders. I was mostly using the machine on my hips. And what I noticed is that it helped with the pain management. I would use the setting that didn't contract your muscles during the night and I basically slept with the machine on my hips. And I also used it during the day with contractions to help strengthen it. And what I noticed is that the pain went down and all the area, the muscles around my hips got stronger and they felt more balanced. So I'm pretty impressed with the outcome. I plan to keep using it on my shoulders as well to strengthen around there. Basically, it seems like what I've come down with is an imbalance in the strength around the joints and it definitely helped balance that out.

How has ARPneuro therapy been different than other treatment options?

Sean Chuma: I've tried a lot of different treatment options. I've tried physical therapy. for a really long time, I did physical therapy on my shoulders and my hips. I've also tried dry needling and they helped a little bit but not near as much as the ARP unit did. Basically, I do physical therapy every day. I don't go to office anymore to do it. I do it all at home. I do exercises to strengthen my back, in order to help my shoulders and also to strengthen the hips. And once I added the ARP machine, I got increased results and everything is feeling way better.

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