Roy Hedtke for AmRelieve

July 10, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Roy Hedtke

Introduce yourself, tell us why you purchased the Ultra Knee Elite™, and describe what you like about it.

Roy Hedtke: Hi, my name is Roy and I purchased the Ultra Knee Elite because my left knee had a complete knee replacement eight years ago and my right knee currently is in a situation which it has bone on bone and is causing me a lot of pain. I purchased the Ultra knee Elite, hoping that this sleeve would eliminate some of the pain that I have when I try to walk around and just make life better in general.

What positive results have you experienced by using the Ultra Knee Elite™?

Roy Hedtke: Hi, I just received my Ultra Knee Sleeve today and put it on this evening to try and see if it how well it might work. I haven't tried it for exercise. I haven't tried it for walks and I haven't tried it for an all-day type. I'll see how well it will perform. Initial results seem to be that it provides good support. I'm able to walk around a little bit better on my knee. I think I need to get used to it and I'm very hopeful that it will have good results.

What would you tell people looking to use the product? Would you recommend it?

Roy Hedtke: First of all, for anybody looking to use the Ultra Elite knee sleeve, I think I would recommend that you try it when I put it on, it's comfortable to put on. I have a large thigh and knee from many years with jogging and it's hard to find a sleeve that fits well. This sleeve fit my knee and my leg very well and felt very comfortable. You just, I recommend that you get it and try it and see how well you like it.

Please describe your overall experience with our company, including ordering, returns, and customer service.

Roy Hedtke: My overall experience with the company and ordering this product has been very good. I ordered the item from an advertisement that I had on my phone and ordered a pair of them paid through their secure site, went through their secure apps so I had no concerns about paying with a credit card. I received the items in about a week. Uh I just got them. I don't believe I'm going to have any issues with wanting to return them, but I would expect that their customer service would be very good. Just based on the experience I had in ordering these items, I would recommend the company.

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