Kratom Voices Speaking Up!

October 15, 2022

Lora Romney - Utah

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lora Romney

Hi, my name is Lora Romney and I'm a 52 year old pain patient from Layton Utah. I wanted to share my Kratom testimony today with you because Kratom has truly changed my life. I've had a condition called atypical trigeminal neuralgia for approximately 12 years. I have tried everything to help this particular condition. How it presents is on the top half of my face. I have severe facial nerve pain, it feels like ice cream headaches that never stops, it's debilitating and it allows me or it does not allow me to participate in life like I would like to if I do not have any type of pain control. I was on opiates for several years, lower dose and not able to receive anymore due to my doctor's unwillingness to prescribe me a higher dose because of this. I was desperate to look for alternatives. I had tried everything -- I had tried over 25 different pharmaceuticals. I actually had brain surgery and I have a stimulator and a battery pack implanted in my face and chest. All of these have failed and I was forced to look for alternatives. When a trusted friend told me about kratom, I was super hesitant to try it because so many things had failed. But once I tried it, I was shocked. Even after the very first dose I had pain relief, it actually dropped my pain from a constant 8 to 9 down to a much more tolerable 2 to 4 level. Happily, this pain relief has continued for the last five years. I am still on the same dose I was when I started. I am careful to only take that dose and again it does not cure my pain but it makes it manageable so that I can handle the pain and actually be productive in life again. I am working full time. I have four children that are adults. I'm able to walk, exercise, go to the gym, and I actually volunteer in several nonprofit organizations. I'm passionate about kratom because it has truly changed my life for the best without all of the debilitating side effects that come with pharmaceuticals and other things. Other alternatives that I have tried. I am passionate about this because it truly is something that has given me like my life back.

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