Gabriela Altamirano for Partner Testimonial Videos

October 04, 2022

Gabriela Altamirano Test Testimonial Video

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gabriela Altamirano, Amenify

How has your partnership with Amenify helped your business?

Gabriela Altamirano: Hello. My name is Gabriella. I am doing this test video to show you that you need to record yourself here, answering the question of how has your partnership wouldn't modify help your business examples could be that a modifier has helped our business to drive business to our cleaning company because they partner with properties around the market that we serve and it definitely brings business to us. Um They also have concerts theme that will help us in regards of quality issues with the residents. Thank you.

What is your favorite part about our partnership?

Gabriela Altamirano: Okay, so here you're just gonna say, what is your favorite part about the partnership with FIFA? It could be something like we help you guys with marketing materials. If you guys are interested in a specific property in your market, we will be willing to help you in creating a marketing event or sending you marketing materials to drive demand and clearly have more business for your cleaning company. So yeah, thank you.

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