Blair S. Airway Stents Testimonial Videos

October 04, 2022

Find nasal congestion relief at night while you sleep and during the day with Airway Stents!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Blair Shertok

Why did you purchase Airway Stents?

Blair Shertok: I purchased my Airway Stents because after multiple in office procedures and a turbinate reduction surgery, I still was not experiencing, the relief that I was expecting with nasal breathing when I was sleeping at night. So, I thought this was probably the last option and last attempt to try to get some relief for my nasal congestion that I had when I would go to sleep at night.

How have Airway Stents helped you?

Blair Shertok: The Airway Stents helped me by allowing, by opening up my nasal passages and keeping them open the entire night when I would lay down and go to sleep. I was able I'm now able to sleep through the night and when I wake up in the morning, or if I wake up occasionally wake up, you know, a little too earlier in the middle of the night because it happens, air is going through both my nasal passages and I am no longer experiencing the discomfort of not being able to breathe through both nostrils. You know when I don't have an upper respiratory infection and I don't have a cold when I'm just in normal good health, I still was experiencing nasal congestion before I purchased the Airway Stents, so they are allowing me to get a good night's sleep and a consistent night's sleep.

Would you recommend Airway Stents to others?

Blair Shertok: I would recommend Airway Stents to others. Anybody that experiences issues with nasal congestion when they go to sleep at night, when they put their head down and it gets in the way of them getting a consistent good night's sleep. That is priceless. Because I'm able to sleep at night and get consistent sleep, I'm able to be there for my family and I don't have to rely on a nap in the, you know, three hours after getting up in the morning because I didn't sleep well the night before. It allows me to be the parent, the wife, the daughter, the person, the worker. to take care of myself and take care of others because of these Airway Stents.

How would you describe your experience with Airway Stents and the Airway Care Team?

Blair Shertok: My experience with the Airway Stents and the Airway Care Team has been phenomenal. Dawn, you know, reached out to me initially in an email, I explained to her what I went through. Then through multiple phone calls. We went through the process of getting my doctor to recommend them for me. And once that was approved and I started with the stents, she kind of coached me through it because the process, it is a process to get adjusted them. It can be a challenge, but she coached me through it and I'm on the other side and I'm better for it. And if it weren't for the Airway Care Team to walk me through it, tell me what to expect and answer my questions and address the issues I had in the beginning, I might not be making this testimonial.

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