Anna Szabo for Employee Testimonials

October 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anna Szabo, Salesforce Consultant , Agency73

How did you find your way to your current role at Agency73?

Anna Szabo: Hi Trailblazer, My name is Anna Szabo and I found my way to my current role as a salesforce consultant here at Agency 73 through this very website. When I went to AppExchange and I filtered by consulting firms highly rated And then I came to this very website where you're watching this video. I was absolutely amazed by the human component of agency 73. So I reached out directly to the Ceo Scott and he invited me to interview. So after interviewing through several stages and delivering a demo here, I am sharing my story with you to encourage you to apply at agency 73 because it truly is one of the best companies out there because of this human component.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at Agency73?

Anna Szabo: Trailblazer. I have four things to share with you as far as what I absolutely love and adore about agency 73 my work here and I've been here for a few weeks so I've had experience to kind of form this opinion. Number one, what I love about working here is the people, the people are different and you are not required to fit in to fit into box. Everybody can bring their real self, which is so rare in today's world of multi filtered staged people photoshopped people and I get to connect with my real human coworkers on a real heart to heart level. That is very rare and the most valuable aspect of work from my perspective. So that was number one. Number two, I learned a lot I work with, I'm convinced that my manager is an undercover wonder woman, she is so smart and when I watch her work and when I watch her with clients, whatever the issue is, whatever the problem that needs to be solved. She has many, many, many solutions and she is able to communicate it so well and I get to learn by watching her. She allows me to shadow her. She invited me to participate in three projects from day one which I absolutely loved and was grateful for. So I get to learn that's number two. Number three is my learning through certifications is encouraged. I got certified six times. So I became six times sales for certified in 108 days and when I got this job, I already earned additional certification in marketing cloud. Thanks to agency 73, encouraging me to learn and study and go for certifications um in my first couple of weeks and just in case you're wondering if it's okay to fail? Yes, it's okay to fail. I failed two of my marketing cloud exams. Yes, you're right. I took my marketing cloud exam three times. I failed two times in the past marketing admin. Um on the second attempt, the first certification I failed was marketing called email specialist, which I will be taking on october 22nd. So this encouragement to learn and permission, I would say not that anybody gave me a spoken permission to fail, but when I felt nobody judged me in any way, nobody made fun of me, I was encouraged to try again and that really matters to me. Learning and trying is how you grow, that's how I grow and I believe that's how everybody grows. You have to be willing to fail and it has to be okay to fail. And so the fourth thing that I love about agency 73 is that I get to work with variety of clients, doing just one thing is not very interesting to me, but because I get to work with a variety of clients in a variety of industries and variety of coworkers who lead in different ways. It's just so exciting to me and I feel very engaged and I feel like I'm growing and expanding and I see new horizons for myself professionally. So these four things matter to me, and I hope that I encouraged you in some way to reach out to agencies 73 if you want to grow, if you want to learn, if you want to get your hands dirty with many, many different projects, this is a great company to do that.

What stands out to you about the culture at Agency73?

Anna Szabo: Trailblazer, what stands out to me about the culture at 73 is something that just wants, just makes me want to cry because I'm so happy to be here. What it is is this leadership with humility. You see many companies expect you to be someone different to put some filters on to hide some parts of yourself to bring to work, only one aspect of you and then keep the rest checked at the door. Of course there is no real door because we work remotely, but you get what I'm saying, the culture here is nothing like that. You are encouraged to bring exactly who you are to bring exactly the parts of you that make you whole, make you exactly who you want to be or whom you are growing into being and you are not expected to not be who you really are, you are expected and encouraged to be, who you really are and we are here all very different. The second thing that stands out to me about the culture is how open the leadership is to answering questions no matter what they are giving a helping hand and encouraging you to grow and I've been here for a couple of weeks and I've already experienced it, which is so rare and I cherish this. And the third thing about the culture is disconnectedness. I feel connected to my coworkers. Now I'll be honest with you um I did not expect to make friends in a virtual work environment so fast right away, but I have a good friend here in the workplace, I do and I feel so delighted and I feel that it's so special to me and he is a consultant and he engaged me in shadowing him on his projects and I actually got to help already and he was able to answer so many of my questions and give me some tips for how to actually be better at my job, how to add more value, how to be more productive and efficient and that is so important when you're new at the company, I am new here, I am new to the actual configuration consulting and I'm having an amazing experience, I feel like people fuel me with encouragement and um hopeful, hopeful not only hopeful chips but helpful, actual mentorship, this quality, one on one time that people invest in me and that is why really every day when I wake up I just cannot wait to get out of my bed and start on my day because it is so special and precious and I just love being here and I'm very grateful to be here, I'll be completely transparent with you that as I was looking to enter into the salesforce ecosystem, I had more than one job offers and I chose agency 73 because of these things that I am sharing with you, they really matter to my ability to love my job to my ability to perform at my best to my ability to wake up every day and want to be here to my ability to uh add value from more than one perspective. So I really hope that it also encourages you, um if you are a real human who wants to add value, wants to grow and wants to work with real humans on and be connected on this personal level and experience truly experience leadership with humility, empathic leadership, which is how our leaders lead.

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