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March 08, 2021

Ada's team shares their favourite books about womanhood and overcoming adversity, while celebrating A Different Booklist's launch of automated customer experience (ACX) with Ada.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ella, Product Desginer, Ada. Vivian Wu, ACX Consultant, Ada. Perri Maxwell, Director, Product Marketing, Ada. Kareen Onyeaju, Lead, DEI & People Operations, Ada

Which book has inspired you the most about womanhood or overcoming adversity?

Ella: One of my favourite books about womanhood and overcoming adversity is actually a fictional book. It's The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood and recently, her newest addition to that series, Testaments. It's about a dystopian future in which women are oppressed in society, run by men and how they slowly overtake that society.

Vivian Wu: One of the books that I've read that really resonated with me is Educated by Tara Westover. This book has made it on many people's reading lists over the last couple years. It's a memoir about education, the influence of religion and, ultimately womanhood. Tara lived in rural Idaho, and her family abided to strict Mormon ideology where education nor science were believed. None of the women around her received any sort of formal education. As a child and teenager, after years of physical and mental abuse by her family, she began to see how this life wasn't for her. It's a courageous story about how, despite the isolated life she lived and the lack of importance of an education, she went on to get a PhD and now lives life through different lens. The reason this book really resonated with me is because I come from an immigrant family. I was the first person in my family to receive a post secondary education degree, and this book reminds me to appreciate the privilege of an education and also to shed light on the incredible women around me.

Kareen Onyeaju: A favorite book of mine that taught me a lot about womanhood and about feminism is We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Adichie.

Perri Maxwell: My favorite book about womanhood and overcoming adversity is The Girl With Seven Names. It's by Hyeon-seo Lee and it is the autobiographical story of her escape from North Korea and how, throughout her journey she had to reinvent her name and her identity in order to escape and ultimately help her mother and her brother flee North Korea as well.

What has your experience been in partnering with A Different Booklist?

Kareen Onyeaju: I couldn't be more excited and proud to partner with A Different Booklist and help them continue to build relationships, to connect with people not only in Toronto but around the world and really here supporting the Black community in Toronto has been really such a humbling experience that I'm really grateful to be a part of.

Perri Maxwell: It has really been such a joy to work with the folks at A Different Booklist. They're doing such important work in our community. They do their work with passion and integrity, and it's really been an honour for us to be able to share our technology with A Different Booklist and partner with them to launch Bookwame. I'm so excited about it.

Ella: I'm so excited to see A Different Booklist launch Bookwame and see how technology can help support a thriving local Black business and see the folks who run A Different Booklist focused on running community events and growing their business and reaching new audiences. Um, I can't wait to see how Ada can help do that.

Vivian Wu: I've been so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with A Different Booklist. I've been inspired by such powerful local business folks and by what the bookstore and with the Cultural Centre adds to the community. Go support A Different Booklist! Buy an interesting book! Donate to the Cultural Centre and support the incredible people fueling this business and this local cultural hub. I'm so excited to keep working with A Different Booklist and to share our technology with great people doing impactful work.

Congratulations to A Different Booklist on launching Bookwame!

We at Ada are so grateful to be your partners in automated customer experience (ACX.

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